Putin calls Trump an 'outstanding, talented' man

“He is a very outstanding man, unquestionably talented,” Putin told journalists after his annual press conference in Moscow.

“It’s not up to us to judge his virtue, that is up to US voters, but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race,” Putin added.


My first reaction to reading this was, “he would say that…”

Trump comes across like a watered down American version of Putin himself so it’s not surprising Putin likes him.

A lot of people would take that as a compliment (especially with Ukraine/Georgia aside), considering how weak the leaders in the Democratic Party are.

Both men, whatever their faults, obviously love their respective countries, which certainly puts them at odds with most Western politicians.

Both are also bigoted, arguably fascist, side show artists who are great at the whole breads and circuses thing. Big difference so far is that Trump isn’t planning to invade neighboring countries and shoot down passenger planes… yet.

Totally disagree, they couldn’t be more opposite in characters - Putin is quite an introspective personality and character, and he’s very astute - not all attributes that could be said about Trump.

Sounds like Putin’s on ‘wind-up’ mode, methinks. :wink: Or, it will be in Russia’s best interests for Trump to be elected. I believe Trump said he wished to strengthen the US/Russia relationship. :shrug:

Putin also said he had no right to make any comment about Trump’s words, election actions, etc…that was up to the American people who they elect.

I doubt Putin would be too impressed with some of Trump’s statements to date - considering he supported the building of the biggest Mosque, in Moscow.


It’s impossible for a constitutional conservative to be a fascist from a political science POV.

The “bread and circuses” routine is used frequently the American left-wing with their entitlements.

You’re assuming that Trump is a constitutional conservative. And yes the left has been known to use breads and circuses too, doesn’t negate the fact that Trump is a master of it as well.

It is unclear as to whether Trump is really a constitutional conservative, like say Mark Levin is.

I suspect most people support Trump because they are tired of the establishment.

In 2006 some republicans voted Democrat and 2008, some of republicans voted for Obama, I suspect, at least in part because he promised to change the way things worked. However, he has become a big part of the problem instead.

Their reward for voting Democrat was ObamaCare and no Keystone Pipeline, despite massive support for the latter and negative ratings for the former. Then came ISIS.

In 2010 and 2014 the people voted in the republicans with the clear idea of stopping/checking the Obama/Biden Administration’s overreach and errors (like Benghazi). Instead, the GOP for wasn’t working to their satisfaction.

That is why people are supporting Trump. They tried the new Democrats 6–9 years ago, and all they did was become cogs in the wheel, and the Obama Administration has been played like a fiddle between every single foreign despot and crony American special interests.

The republicans haven’t stopped the fundamental problem either.

So, in short, that’s why Trump has so much support.

The bread and circuses argument with Trump doesn’t track as much.

Trump is NOT a constitutional conservative. His comments to date on the following issues reflect that:
•Killing family members of terrorists with no proof that they have any involvement in terrorism themselves
•Revoking the passports of Muslims who travel abroad, including US citizens
•Banning an entire religion
•Suing Jeb Bush for his anti-Trump Ads

Okay, now on the first one, I recognize that our Constitution only applies to US citizens so concepts that deal with protection of life, due process and cruel and unusual punishment don’t apply to them, but I think we can agree it’s immoral.

Revoking a US citizen’s passport without due process? Illegal. (14th amendment)

Banning an entire religion? Illegal. (1st amendment)

Suing because someone runs a negative ad? Unsupportable. (1st amendment)

I’m a conservative, and consider myself a constitutional conservative, and frankly I am appalled by Donald Trump. I think his importance to this race was to bring to the surface some important issues that must be addressed- such as illegal immigration and the war on terror- and for that I thank him. But he’s a narcissist and a whiner, he does not respect our Constitution, he’s inflammatory, he’s divisive, and he tears people down. Good leaders build people up, they bridge the gap, and a good president makes people feel a higher level of national pride. Donald Trump is like pouring gas on the flames of the divisiveness that really became obvious in this country while Bush was president and has gotten worse under Obama. We need a uniter, and a statesman. I am just utterly baffled that people who claim to be conservatives would support this man. Look at his history- he supported amnesty before he was against it, he’s donated heavily to democrat politicians including Hillary Clinton, and he said in an interview that he identified most with the democrats. This man is NOT a conservative. He’s a man who knows what the people want to hear and will say it whether he believes it or not to get elected, and that is NOT who we need as our next President.

You know, it helps if you actually read the definition of words you use before you try to use them in a sentence. Just an FYI.

As an aside, are you more concerned about the notional military actions you think Trump is going do than you are with the actual military actions Hillary and Obama have done? Obama and Hillary have racked up a rather impressive civilian body count through drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia over the past half decade.


I’m concerned about Hillary and Obama’s actions as well when it comes to national security failings and issues like drone strikes yes. But I’m also concerned about Trump’s bombastic and divisive rhetoric as well as he’s skewed himself so far off the reservation even the mainline Republicans are distancing themselves from him.

(Hint for future reference: Just because someone is critical of Trump doesn’t mean they’re a Hillary supporter. There are more than two candidates and two parties out there.)

This point is so true. I have been accused by Trump supporters of being a liberal on multiple occasions when I’ve voiced my opposition to Trump. And frankly, if the new definition of “conservative” is that we’re going to start committing genocide, banning entire religions, revoking citizens passports and denying them entry into the US without due process, etc. then there’s a real problem. I 100% agree with you that Trump is bombastic and divisive and good grief, have we not had enough of divisive presidents yet?

FWIW, I don’t support establishment republicans either. But I think you can support an anti-establishment candidate without going completely off the reservation (as you put it). Fiorina, Carson, Paul, Rubio and Cruz are all anti-establishment. The real establishment candidates are Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Lyndsie Graham and no, I don’t support any of those guys.

The Passport Act of 1926 gives the President the authority to revoke a citizen’s passport for reasons of national security and the foreign policy interests of the U.S. This act was upheld by the Supreme Court in Haig v. Agee in 1981.


Nobody is actually proposing the banning of an entire religion. Trump is proposing restrictions on non-citizen Muslims travelling to the US which is certainly within the authority of the President. Obama has taken similar actions.

I assume you’re referencing this:


In that ad, Mike Fernandez, a billionaire Jeb! Bush supporter, called Trump a “narcissistic BULLYionaire” and likened him to Hitler and Mussolini. That does seem to go a bit outside the boundaries of polite political discourse and certainly could be considered libelous, which would be the grounds for any lawsuit.

Just so I understand, Trump’s “bombastic and divisive rhetoric” is more troubling to you than Obama and Hillary’s actual dead women and children. Is that an accurate assessment?

Did I say I’m more concerned about one over the other? No.

So no your assessment is not accurate. I clearly stated I’m concerned about both. Not that I’m concerned about one over the other.

Frankly I’m so concerned about issues with both candidates that I wouldn’t vote for either if they were the chosen candidates of their parties and I’m not too enamored with any of the other major party candidates so far truth be told.

The President may have the right to revoke a US citizen’s passport if that citizen is a national security risk but Trump didn’t phrase it as “on an individual basis” but rather as a policy. How’d you like to travel abroad and find you can’t return home based on a general policy? And yes, I realize this will probably be limited to people who travel to middle eastern nations and that matters not one whit. There are citizens in this nation who have family in the middle east who travel to see them which are not radicalized and are not a threat to us. We need to have a better litmus test than this for not allowing a citizen to return.

Defamatory attack ads are par for the course in presidential elections. I don’t like them. But they are what they are, and frankly every time Trump whines about the media not being fair or whines about an opponent’s ads, I lose more respect for him. He’s trying to take the top job in the US where he’ll have to deal with other leaders around the world, and he’s whining about our own media and people from his own (he says) party.

You might be surprised to know that I did initially support Trump. I was excited about him bringing up some topics that were being swept under the run and desperately needed to be discussed. I started losing confidence in him when he got into the tiff with Megyn Kelly and it’s gone downhill from there. I wish more conservatives would look at him with eyes wide open.

Personally I would take it as a compliment and an endorsement and a sign of better future relations. :thumbsup:

We want better relations with a guy who is willing to invade his neighbors unprovoked? Frankly I think we need to stay hard on him until he comes back to some sense of sanity and pulls out of Ukraine.

Yes we actually want to communicate with Russia. Why, Obama and Hillary hit the reset button and led to a false sense of security to begin with. Frankly I think part of this was to insult Obama anyway.

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