Putin 'discovers Greek urns' on scuba dive

"Russia’s hard man Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pulled on a wetsuit Wednesday and went scuba diving at an ancient Greek Black Sea site in the latest populist stunt preceding next year’s elections.

“State news reports said he descended just two metres (6.6 feet) and “luckily” discovered two sixth century urns in full presence of the media, because the water was so clear…”



I bet he was on his way to defeat the Kraken when he discovered those urns, too. All while leading an army of black bears! :rolleyes: Those Russians!

Makes me think of ‘their guy vs. our guy’.


Peace, Graubo

Reminds me of when Clinton just happened to come upon those rocks in Normandy… the only rocks anywhere.

I bet hefound some vodka while he was down there…lol:)

Talk about cult of personality. . . .

Russians are really into this guy.

I think it was supposed to read “Putin discovers Geek Urine on Scuba Dive.” Some nerdy kid pee’d in the pool.

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who remembers this.

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