Putin Invites Mueller Team to Russia


This invitation was expressed in the Helsinki press conference (27 mins until 32 mins 30 secs). Mr Putin referenced the 1999 US / Russia agreement that allows each jurisdiction to gain access to each other’s citizens. He invited the Mueller investigation to use this agreement and his government will treat any request seriously. Mr Putin also wished to question American officials regarding Bill Browder who he claimed made $1.5 billion in Russia and paid no tax and then contributed $400 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Overall I was quite heartened by the tone of the press conference with both leaders looking forward to respectfully increasing the scope of relations and peace into the future.

Full press conference :


Don’t call yourself such bad names :anguished:


I would rather see World Leaders talking than not.


Fox New’s take on Helsinki Summit


Wow, Fox? (10)


Democratic pollster, Doug Schoen’s take in am opinion piece.
A guy who has supported every Democrat since he has been voting. I could probably find a pro-life CNN article too. Written by Rick Santorum.


I bet Putin would like to invite the Mueller team over to Russia. They’ll get the star VIP Skripal treatment.


The problem is when opponents of the “narcissist and liar” completely lose sight of what a lie is and what narcissism looks like, they lose all credibility

If, for you, everything he says is a lie motivated solely by narcissism, the danger is that the objective properties of lies and narcissism get exchanged – for you, at the definitional level – for what he does and why.

Problem is, you are no longer capable of objectivity. Trump, for you, has become the objective standard you use for liar and narcissist. You can no longer see reality for the Trump and are, therefore, no longer capable of objectivity.

A Euthyphro kind of dilemma you have created.

Is it a lie because Trump say says it or does Trump say it because it is a lie?

Is Trump narcissistic because he loves what he loves or does he love what he loves because he is narcissistic?

You have no way out of that vicious circle you have created.

Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Why would they? Putin knows which side butters his bread. Even better when the side he is actually making deals with can deflect all responsibility and make themselves look entirely innocent while buttering Putin’s bread.

We the People had better wake up soon. Putin is eating your lunch and the caterers are being given immunity from prosecution.


LOL…that about says it all.


No, actually, this does…


Sure it does…it right up there with Obama is a muslim and a non US citizen…Lol


Oh, my! You are unbeatable! :scream:

Your retorts are insanely ingenious. :cold_sweat:

Here, let me turn off my brain and let you do my thinking for me.

There, happy now?


Seems to me Putin is making fun of the U.S. generally, and of Mueller in particular.

And the next time the U.S. goes righteous in the UN or elsewhere about trials in absentia or “right to be heard” or any of the features of our own legal system of which we are proud, Russia is going to bring this fiasco up.


Do you think we are conducting a trial in absentia?
Do you think that the indicted defendants have no right to ther day in court?


Even Obama seems to think he is Kenyan born.

If Obama himself can’t even get his origins straight, how do you expect anyone else to?



Yes. 25 of them in fact.


Really? What is the court date? What is the venue?


I don’t think court dates have been set yet. But Mueller has indicted 25 Russians who will be tried in absentia.


We will suffer a lot of fall-out from what has transpired over these years of the “fundamentally change of America”. Heaven help us!

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