Putin: Obama Administration Trying to Undermine Trump


He said Trump’s foes are ready to go as far as to “stage a Maidan in Washington to prevent Trump from entering office” — a reference to the alleged U.S. role in organizing protests in the Ukrainian capital’s main square, Maidan, that forced the nation’s Russia-friendly president from power in 2014. abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/putin-us-administration-undermine-trump-44827160


Putin is very political savvy. He can see what the democrats are doing, but he might be making things worse - meaning the tensions. Trump will need to be political savvy dealing with Putin as well.


All this time I thought Trump was doing a good job of undermining Trump lol With the help of twitter of course


Exactly the same way he used it to undermine himself during the campaign, right up till the eve of the election.


Actually, during the crucial last fortnight, the adults kept him off twitter.


And Putin, being the kind of guy that he is, is just trying to help Trump by pointing this out. No other reason.


Anything to keep the bromance going I suppose.




Pretty much. Won’t be able to blame the current administration after Friday.


Interesting article. I think Putin is right, as usual. We have the NewYork Times and the Washington Post blatantly running fake news stories, and we have unfiltered honesty coming directly from Putin himself. While Hillary’s racketeering and perjury and war mongering are dilligently overlooked and ignored, we have blatant dirty politics on show, with Trump being attacked and maligned by means of CIA and MI6 gutter tactics of the sleaziest and dirtiest kind. As Obama wages overt cyber war against Russia, we’re supposed to believe Russia actually had hand a hand in Trump’s election? It’s ridiculous. Because considering the sleaziness and underhandedness Obama’s administration has stooped to, are we seriously supposed to believe there is evidence against Russia which they’re holding back? The administration is outright cutthroat and vicious in it’s media war against Russia, but they’re witholding the evidence for their allegations for some mysterious and noble reason? Yeah, right. If they had the slightest shred of legitimate, real evidence, we would know about it. Obama seems to be doing everthing he can to foster anti-American sentiment among Americans before he leaves office. Everything about these attacks on Trump reeks of treachery. In my opinion, all of this really is traitorous. As I see it, the fact that Trump and Putin are trying to undermine the globalist desire for full-on, out-and-out World War Three, is enraging Obama and his handlers beyond measure. Trump and Putin seem to be the last, best hope humanity has.


Are Senators McCain and Graham part of that administration? If so, they haven’t admitted it. And it’s not just a media war. They are deploying troops in Poland and in other NATO countries; Putin is quite upset with this for sure.


Lol yup.


Really? We’re going to trust the president of freaking Russia over our own intelligence agencies? Boy, we’ve come a long way since the days of Reagan.

Marco Rubio would like to have a word with you regarding Putin.



Actually yes, I trust Russia far more than any Western intelligence agency. There’s a reason globalists despise Putin, and it’s because Putin is the driving force pushing for a New World Christian Order. I think that world Christianity and all Christians should carefully and cautiously unite behind Putin. I see Hollywood and Americanism as the ultimate enemy of Christ, and the only really obvious force standing against that is Putin. I’m just praying it isn’t a deception or mirage. But yes, the way I view it, our current situation is even more of a Manichaen struggle than World War Two was. America and Hollywood represent Satan and darkness, while Putin steadfastly stands opposite.


Watch the video. If you’re pressed for time, skip to 6:05.

I, for one, think that we as Catholics are to unite behind Christ and his vicar Pope Francis. As an American, I find the idea of rallying behind a former KGB agent (and war criminal, according to Rubio) utterly repulsive.

I wish Hollywood were America’s greatest problem.


Somehow I can’t see Trump supporting a Holy War that comes about under Putin’s Presidency. I sense he’s looking for some kind of war but not that one.


Thanks for the video, Grace. :slight_smile: I just don’t believe any of it, though. It’s war propaganda. There’s far more happening in the world than either of us can see, but we can catch glimpses of things that seem out of place. For instance, it seems that the United States is actually punishing people who had the nerve to survive US armed and funded jihadists in Syria. Jihadists as in “Rebels”. To me this is an example of why we shouldn’t assume our government is acting nobly. All actual first-hand evidence points in the opposite direction. :shrug: That isn’t to say that Putin’s a saint, it just means he’s at odds with what we ourselves, from our daily lives, know full well is evil. And I’m speaking of Hollywood and the mind-scaping of anti-Christ values it promotes so successfully throughout the US and the rest of the world. Putin has gone so far as to outlaw much of this nonsense in Russia, which I take as a very, very positive sign.



Far be it for me to defend Hollywood, EC, but it’s worth noting their fundamental values haven’t changed much since they were formed. In fact, their production of early media had to be immediately censored because it wouldn’t jive with the cultural mainstream.

Biggest problem is that conservatives, traditionalists and orthodox Catholics and Christians all but have checked out of the media scene for nearly a century until very recently, to paraphrase Dinesh D’Souza.


Again another of the great many “opposites” re Trump.

Whatever Trump or his allies like Putin accuse others of (whether during the primaries, the general election, or now), the opposite it seems to me is the bigger thing – Trump has vowed to overturn nearly everything Obama has done.

Why can’t people see this truth?


A lot of people do and they want many Obama-era policies gone without the hassle of being called racist xenophobes.

And most conservative commentators including Sean Hannity know Putin is not our ally and cares about Russia first.

Also I find it incredulous that many of the same voices that are criticizing Trump over Putin (not it’s what they think in the first place) were sold hook, line and sinker on the Iran deal and regard them as borderline honest.

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