Putin ramps up WW3 fears as he launches NUCLEAR MISSILES in terrifying show of power


RUSSIA has carried out a series of ballistic missile tests yesterday as tensions with the US continue to rise over the conflict in Syria.

He also told diplomats of all ranks to “bring relatives home to the Motherland”.

Administration staff, politicians and public sector workers have been ordered to take their children out of foreign schools immediately.

Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky said: “This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some 'big war’.”



Seek shelter, by that I’m referring to the rosary.


Sounds like sabre rattling to me.


There were no nuclear missiles launched. They may have been nuclear capable but without the warhead it is not really a “nuclear” missile.


Good heavens, don’t confuse the issue with accurate reporting. I am sure the US regularly test missiles also on an ongoing basis as do many nations.


The thing that caught my attention wasn’t as much the testing of warheads and missiles, but rather the part about calling all Russians home to the motherland.
That is worrying as it is a very natural strategic move to make before a major war.

Well Mary will protect us.


I particularly love how the news article has stuck in a picture from Victory Day parade of soldiers marching which has nothing to do with the article but can be used to whip up fears about the ‘Soviets’. Hilarious.


Except that’s not what the article said. He is not calling the entirety of Russian diaspora to “the motherland”

from the article:

He also told diplomats of all ranks to “bring relatives home to the Motherland”.

Administration staff, politicians and public sector workers have been ordered to take their children out of foreign schools immediately.

The US did a similar thing when it ordered all military families/dependents out of Turkey. I’m not trying to be a Putin apologist but I don’t see the big deal.


There is not one, he is indeed as you say talking solely to diplomats. The Russian diaspora is huge and very varied and Putin has made no such request of them as you rightly point out.


NNSA and Air Force conduct two successful joint flight tests

Its probably nothing



Exactly. He’s just trying to show off that Russia still has “it”. And it has the added benefit of giving him something to continue to point to, deflecting attention away from Russia’s continuing domestic issues.


The same could be said about Germany in the thirties you know.
The were in economical ruins too, but as we now know they should’ve been taken seriously, but the denial hindered the west from keeping Germany at bay.

Russia isn’t to be laughed about imho.


US, regularly, yes. Particularly at Vandenberg AFB for the land based missile portion of the Triad.


Oh I agree you can’t take them lightly. But at the same time, it would be suicide for them to invade the EU and NATO and they know it. Ukraine was bad but was them messing around in what is still their own old neighborhood. Poland and the Baltic States are a different issues. Even the Soviet Union at the height of it’s power (which compared to the US/NATO at the time was much closer than present day Russia) never crossed that line. Putin is an belligerent defacto autocrat, but he’s not a moron.

But as GKC and others have pointed out, Russia launching a few test missiles is nothing unusual. Not unless you consider the US doing the same to be equally as dangerous.


^^^^ This. I’m no more afraid of Putin than I am of Kim Jong-un. :rolleyes:


I got family still in the business of nuclear deterrence. I like knowing that things work.


I am married to a Russian and a number of my family members serve or have served in their armed forces. I am therefore most unlikely to laugh at the Russian nation. I would be grateful if you do not compare the Russian people to the Nazis also, I could not explain to you easily how offensive Russians would find that. Nearly every Russian family has or family members who died or were seriously injured in WW2. Making such a comparison in Russia itself would be very ill advised, especially in more working class or blue collar areas. if you did so with my wife who is relatively highly educated (far more so than I) she would stand up leave the room and refuse to talk or engage in conversation with you ever again. Especially as in her case her grandparent’s home city was one of the first attacked by the Nazis and the vast majority of residents were killed.


Yes, if true… ordering people to pull your children out of foreign schools and diplomats to bring their families would be alarming. That would be a major disruption to many many people. Not only that, if it proved to be bluster, when if the “real thing” came along, no one would take it seriously. Too much trouble for bluster.

Missile testing? That doesn’t bother me at all. This is the second time I am hearing about this tension level between the US and Russia. There was something on CNN or Fox the other day about this. A General was saying this was the most precarious time since before Gorbachev. When both sides have shot a plane down or sunk a ship,or diplomatic relations have been cut off, then it is time for major worry, till then, I won’t be loosing any sleep.


Exactly, NASA is still sending Astronauts to Russia to hitch rides to the ISS. I’m not too concerned. When Russia pulls everyone back and cuts off diplomatic relations, then worry.


I’m not laughing.

But unlike the mid 1900s, WW3 is not an option, as it would lead to the annihilation of both countries (though not the “world”) and the leaderships know it.


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