Putin renames elite Russian police force after Soviet KGB founder Dzerzhinsky

Russian President Vladimir Putin has renamed an elite Russian police force after the founder of the Soviet KGB Felix Dzerzhinsky. Notorious intelligence director Felix Dzerzhinsky was responsible for a massive death toll after orchestrating mass executions and torture as part of the Bolshevik Secret police.


The Rehabilitation of Felix Dzerzhinsky, from the respected World Affairs Journal:

In September President Vladimir Putin restored the title “Dzerzhinsky Division” to an elite Moscow police unit. So what, you say? Well, that’s the point. As the novelist Martin Amis put it in Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million, “Everybody knows of Himmler and Eichmann. Nobody knows of Yezhov and Dzerzhinsky.”

Born in 1877, Felix Dzerzhinsky was a revolutionary… A Bolshevik and a murderous fanatic, Dzerzhinsky founded the Cheka, the Soviet secret police. He had a “long burning zealot’s face,” dressed in high hunting boots and simple tunic, and lived a spartan life at his headquarters in the Lubyanka, waging what he called his “fight to the finish.” He kept a little black notebook to enter the names of “enemies” he came across as he did his job. “In 1918–1919, ten thousand persons were shot on the basis of decisions that Dzerzhinsky signed personally,” says David Satter in his It Was a Long Time Ago, and It Never Happened Anyway, a superb account of the dire consequences for post-Soviet Russia of the failure to face up to its Communist past.

As early as February 1919, Dzerzhinsky was keen for the new labor camps to re-educate “those gentleman who live without any occupations” and “those working in Soviet institutions who demonstrate unconscientious attitudes to work.” He oversaw the “first camp of the Gulag,” the Solovetsky, where, according to Anne Applebaum’s magisterial Gulag: A History, “the OGPU [the reorganized Cheka] first learned how to use slave labor for profit.” Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago records how brutal (and corrupt, despite the myth) Dzerzhinsky’s Cheka was. “He didn’t shirk from dirty work,” as Stalin put it.

Since August 1999, when a former head of the FSB [Putin], the successor organization to Dzerzhinsky’s Cheka, became prime minister, there has been a creeping erosion of liberal democracy, as mapped by the journalist Anna Politkovskaya before her murder by state agents. The rehabilitation of Felix Dzerzhinsky has proceeded in lockstep with this long semi-forced march from memory into myth.

…in 2005, without any official explanation, a bronze bust of Dzerzhinsky returned to the courtyard of the Moscow police headquarters at 38 Petrovka Street. Interviewed by a reporter from Novye Izvestia one police officer said something which, inadvertently, captured the meaning of the rehabilitation of Felix Dzerzhinsky and of the repression of the historical memory of Communism: “Of course we were all surprised” said the officer, “but, as you know, the decisions of the bosses are not discussed.”

Indeed. And now Putin has hinted that Dzerzhinsky’s statute is coming back; a great big 50-ton symbol of the new-old country Putin is creating, where the bosses decide and the people are decided upon.


Truly disquieting.

Putin is undoing what Yeltsin allowed to be built.

What did Yeltsin allow to be built? My family detest the man, he was a lickspittle to the US and that is why he is loved there as a ‘good Russian’. As to facing up to the communist past perhaps our OP can tell us some facts about the Ukrainian Auxillary Police, SS division Galizien and a few other choice moments in Ukraine history which seem to have escaped his memory in yet another of his predictable attempts to establish that the Russians are the most naughty people to ever live. But the sauce that is good for one species of bird appears unpalatable for the other in these parts.

Dzerzhinsky was of course an ethnic pole and while his actions undoubtedly included many very unpleasant and terrible deeds I note our OP does not point out that yearly marches celebrating the founding of the SS division I mentioned above regularly in the Ukraine. Nor does he point out that streets and institutions there are named after prominent fascists.

Firstly, you’re putting words in my mouth. Please point out exactly where I have ever on CAF claimed, in your words, that “the Russians are the most naughty people to ever live”. That’s an ad hominem and false claim on your part. You are lying about what I have said.

Of course it is dear boy, of course it is. Now if you could just address the facts about Ukrainian history in my post which prove inconvenient I would be most gratified. I’m quite happy to admit that Felix is not my ideal model upon which to name sections of a police force and that his activities were pretty vile, are you willing to address the Ukrainian Auxillary Police and their actions or is the whip of truth inconvenient when it is applied to two backs at once?

The last time I checked this forum was for spiritual and positive edification of people not nation based biases. arguments on Russia versus Ukraine might be better on Facebook and Twitter not in a religious site. religion should bring unity not division. emperor constatine knew that in 331 a.d and you are yet to learn it in 2014? ???

I suggest you examine the rather prevalent bias towards American exceptionalism that pervades the forums.

I’m not going to spend the entire Saturday responding if you wish to derail the thread from the subject in the OP to Ukraine during World War Two or condescend to me. I have praised Russians who have stood up to Putin’s growing aggression and tyranny. I condemn the Ukrainian auxiliary police as I condemn Russian auxiliary policemen. The largest army collaborating with Hitler was Russian General Vlasov’s Army and for one third of the war the Soviet Union was Hitler’s ally. During World War Two, Ukrainians were stuck between two totalitarian monsters in Stalin and Hitler, the former having already murdered millions of Ukrainians in the Great Famine of 1932-33 and decapitating Ukraine’s intelligentsia and liquidating its church leaders.

Ukraine’s President Poroshenko is a democrat. Many however have described Putin as a Russian fascist. The main ideologue behind Putin’s dream of a Russian Empire is Russian imperialist ideologue Alexander Dugin who has praised the SS and called for the extermination of Ukrainians on Kremlin controlled TV. Dugin has amalgamated fascism and communism in a new “Eurasian” ideology for Putin and his cohorts. Putin has vilified those wishing to remove Lenin’s Mausoleum from the center of Moscow and has compared Lenin’s corpse to the relics of holy saints. Neither Ukraine’s President or Prime Minister would say such a thing.

The fact is Russia has invaded Ukraine. Ukraine has not invaded Russia. Putin is now defending his own tyranny at the expense of the Ukrainian and Russian people. Ukraine is not threatening Europe with nukes, or kidnapping foreign citizens into Russia as Putin has done with an Estonian border guard and captured Ukrainians soldiers. I agree with the European foreign minister who said: "Putin has got a lowered sense of danger. He’ll take these huge gambles because the real danger for Putin is his own life. He can’t let go. He can’t leave the Kremlin. Once you’ve spilt blood, once you’ve had apartment bombings, once you’ve sent death squads abroad, once you’ve had Georgia, Ukraine, all these mothers, and all the bodies of soldiers being disposed of from secret wars… You can’t just let go.

That’s why I haven’t spent a month or two on CAF up until now to avoid political arguments. I used to enjoy posting much more in Sacred Scripture, Apologetics, but I am Ukrainian and after awhile you see these anti-Ukrainian pro-Putin posts popping up on World News and you realize certain issues, even moral ones, need to be addressed so I did yesterday, for the first time in some two months almost. I think when the forces and mercenaries Putin sent into Ukraine torture and kidnap Catholic clergy, at least someone has to point out facts like this on a Catholic Forum on World News, though I’m not going to get engaged in an unedifying back and forth which I try to avoid now. My parent’s homeland however is being decimated by Putin and I wished to mention this.

God Bless,

Vlasov was a traitor and earned the fate of one. I will not apply the rank of General to him as he was a double traitor, he betrayed the nation he had given allegiance to and then betrayed the one he had defected to. I find it utterly disgraceful that a momument to the man is maintained in America.

Can you qualify this statement? How is Putin decimating Ukraine?

I have total sympathy for the Ukrainians and the dreadful loss of life over the past year, all fueled by Western intervention who now will not assist Ukraine with any meaningful financial assistance - although this was promised months ago.

Soon-to-be Muslim Russia has attacked a Christian Nation.

Are you condoning Russia invading another country.

Perhaps Russia should allow Chechnya, North Ossetia and other areas of their country who want independence to leave as well. Oh, I’m sure that doesn’t work out.

Did the West shoot down that airliner??

Oh, yes, the Russian Rebels shoot down a plane and Russia invades a sovereign country, it’s all the West’s fault.

I also believe that the West is not assisting Ukraine financially to be false as well.

When did Russia invade Ukraine? Crimea was an autonomous republic in Ukraine and wanted out and back with Russia, a peaceful referendum took place and the democratic decision was taken - all whilst under the rule of a coup d’etat government in Ukraine.

Who knows ‘who’ shot down the plane. It could have been a tragic mistake by the Ukrainian army, it could have been the Ukrainian Russian activists, or a splinter nationalist Ukrainian group.

No-one knows, however the Ukrainian-Russian group did not have the equipment necessary to hit a plane at that height, and Russia didn’t shoot it down.

I’ve never heard of Russia becoming Muslim, as far as I am aware it is a Christian country so I cannot comment, however from the wiki page it would indicate a much greater percentage of Russians (46% - 73%) are Christian.

In addition, the Russian Orthodox church has increased in numbers since 1991 from 31% to 70%: *In a 2011 survey by the Levada Center, the number of people self-identifying as Russian Orthodox has steadily increased from 31% in 1991, to 50% in 2001, and to nearly 70% in 2011.[22]*There is no official census of religion in Russia, and estimates are based on surveys only. In August 2012, ARENA[1] estimated that about 46.8% of Russians are Christians (including Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and non-denominational), which is slightly less than an absolute 50%+ majority. However, later that year the Levada Center estimated that 76% of Russians are Christians,[13] and in June 2013 the Public Opinion Foundation[14] estimated that 65% of Russians are Christians. These findings are in line with Pew Research Center’s 2011 survey,[15] which estimated that 73.6% of Russians are Christians, with Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM)'s 2010 survey (~77% Christian),[16] and with Ipsos MORI’s 2011 survey (69%).[17]


Free markets, resistance to the executive, greater civil freedoms and laid the foundations for a rusting heap of scrap of a nation to be rebuilt and revitalized as one of the foremost nations of our time once again.

Yeltsin was no lick spittle, had he been he never would have helped to dismantle the Soviet Empire that ruled over Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Chechnyans, Khazaks, Tadjiks, Turkmen, Finns, Latvians and EStonians among many others.

Why? It isn’t relevant. Just because there were/are bad Ukrainians doesn’t mean that one should make heroes of brutal Bolsheviks.

God please stop the war.

whether Putin is the problem or not, he is not shooting or getting shot at… Innocent people are dying and loosing their entire life’s work. those who cause war never suffer the brunt… at least not on earth.

In my heart the main problem is not Putin. He is not shooting the guns… same goes for other leaders… how many people died directly by Hitler 's hands? The problem for me are those who carry out the killing order… A man dressed in camouflage who will level the turret of his tank on a residential building and fire… and say it was an order from above.

those in the plane were neither fighting for Russia or Ukraine but their pieces were gathered in body bags.

how can we ignore all these horrors and have time to fight among ourselves?

God please stop the war because it’s the innocent people who die.

There are several districts in Russia and in countries of the former Soviet Union named after Dzerzhinsky.

What does Patriarch Kirill think of his friend naming a police unit after this anti-Christian Bolshevik?

No thread about Russia would be complete of course without some not so subtle swipes against the ROC.

I’ve read every post in this thread, I will vote that I have not seen any swipes, subtle or not against the ROC. I believe that is how democracy works. We are to respectfully discuss faith and other issues.

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