Putin’s Dream of Godliness: Holy Russia



He wants the patriarch of Moscow to be another pope, subservient to the national interests of the Russian government.


That’s the problem with the Orthodox Churches . They can be too tied the the State .

I remember Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus who became President of Cyprus , and not a good one .


Not entirely disputing the article nor a certain amount of truth to it, but their are also allegations that the efforts in Ukraine are also highly politically motivated from a secular standpoint.


Oh indeed there were. There also seems to be evidence of pressure being brought to bear on Orthodox churches in the Ukraine that do not belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to transfer to the same.


Given that the UOC-KP exists by forced expropriation of the UCC properties and clergy at a false synod conducted by the KGB’s predecessor and no Ukranian bishops . . ., they really don’t have much to complain about on these grounds . . .


At first this is what I suspected but if you look into it more, basically the entire Church support Patriarch Kirill. They were given the jurisdiction of Ukraine hundreds of years ago. Also if you look into the persons involved in Ukraine, one is a typical Orthodox Christian, the other is a highly political and divisive figure (Filaret being the leader of the movement and Epiphanius being his protege). Then there’s also the fact that Bartholomew is among the most liberal in the Church, won’t even speak against abortion or much other than the environment in certain terms. Coming from someone who is in a church based on the idea that he is merely the first among equals, he’s standing on some pretty soft sand.


Also keep in mind this is the New York Times, if you wouldn’t trust them for an assessment of the Catholic Church, you should give them the same credibility for the Orthodox.


By the looks of it he’s considered the founder of Cyprus and seemed to be pretty highly regarded. Looks like his main opponents were Muslim invaders and the Greek military government. Sure hope you’re not American, could pick just about any and there’d be plenty of skeletons in those closets (same would go for just about any other country).

“At his funeral, held at St. John’s Cathedral outside the Archbishopric in Nicosia, 182 dignitaries from 52 countries attended while an estimated 250,000 mourners—about half the Greek Cypriot population of the island—filed past the coffin.”


On this matter, Putin is moving in the right direction. The problems in the Ukraine revolve around national identity and keeping Russian intruders and their proxies out. Putin is doing the wrong things regarding the Ukraine.


Everything, and I mean everything, Putin does is wrong. He is the enemy of good. He’s venomous.


Really? Have you been following the Russian press? Putin is in a difficult situation on several fronts. The available number of Russian troops is far below its World War II, excuse me, Great Patriotic War level. Abortion is one thing that may be restricted as a practical matter. His Chinese neighbor has over a billion people and ICBMs. The Chinese have sent a rover to the dark side of the moon. They are developing a hypersonic missile that could reach the United States in 15 minutes. Their Air Force is very modern.

Aside from religion, Putin’s biggest concern is the Middle East. Syria and Turkey must remain in the Russian sphere of influence.


Nope. Bad guy.
I’m not worried about the Chinese. I’m always worried about the Russians.


Let’s look at the balance of power in the world. The US is number one, followed by China and then Russia. The current population of Russia is 144.5 million. Right now, China is acting like Russia was in the late 1950s and 1960s. The old guard is gone. Putin’s only move is to annex more countries and get more soldiers for the Russian Army. China, on the other hand, may decide it wants its neighbor to act differently.


Turkey are a part of NATO and have own imperial aspirations. I don’t think Russia has any business there.
Putin’'s imperialist ambitions have no bounds, but he has no means to achieve those goals. Russia’s population is actually shrinking and the economy is in shambles.
Putin is never going to let go of Ukraine.


Putin is a remnant of the old Soviet Union. He is a communist at heart. He wants to destroy democracy and to destroy religion.


Uhh . . . what is your definition of “basically the entire church” ???

It certainly isn’t “majority of worldwide Orthodox”, “majority of Ukrainians”, or anything similar. I’ll believe “majority of ROC, excluding ROCO, OCA, and Ukrainians unwillingly claimed by MP” . . .


Who has expressed support or recognized their claim? Most have either backed Kirill or stayed quiet. And you’ll notice most are making appeals to Constantinople for helping unity and when criticizing Russia it’s for the breaking of communion, not that they’re actually wrong.

"On 29 January 2019, the Holy Synod of the OCA, its primate included, issued an Archpastoral Letter on Ukraine . In this letter, the OCA declared it had decided:[[194]]

  • To continue to recognize and support Metropolitan [Onufriy]
  • To withhold, with several of our sister Churches, recognition of the [Orthodox Church of Ukraine]


Putin should just marry his young mistress if he wants to find Godliness.
Otherwise it’s great he builds churches and doesn’t go full lgbtq… just because it’s trendy. He is not always on the same page with Kyril though. Two years ago Putin organized celebrations for the october socialist revolution because people liked it while Kyril criticized communism and atheism once again.


He’d better let go of the Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have no love for the Russians and will fight.

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