Putin scares Poles and Estonians as he advances nuclear ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad to dominate the Baltic Sea


Russia moves nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad reut.rs/2dCl1ht


It is Russian territory. NATO has moved close to Russia’s borders.



*]Russia has moved nuclear-capable Iskander missiles into Kaliningrad
*]Country says missiles are being deployed for regular military manoeuvres
*]It comes amid heightened tensions between Russia and West over Syria
*]Kaliningrad is between Nato members Poland and Lithuania and Baltic Sea


After seeing what happened to Crimea, no doubt Lithuania, Poland, and Estonia are a little worried.


I was in Poland this summer, and I have friends there that I keep in contact with. They are all a little on edge with Russia right now.


There was no such thing as Russian aggression, but there was a fascist coup in Ukraine that many Crimeans opposed. They were afraid of the coup, so they embraced the opportunity to join the Russian Federation.

Do not provoke Russia with missile defense. They need to do what they can to counter such a threat.


Maidan wasn’t fascist. Maidan wanted greater ties with the West, not the advancement of a weird Ukrainian superiority complex. Granted, there were fascist elements, but Poroshenko is not one, and neither is his party (it’s more of a liberal conservative, and no, Americans, that’s not an oxymoron).

With that out of the way …

I’m not too worried about it. Russia nukes, Russia gets nuked, everybody dies. It’s a show.


No. Putin thinks perhaps this gesture might scare NATO members into accommodating to Russian revanchism at least to the borders of Poland. Putting missiles in Kaliningrad (stolen from Germany by Russia) adds nothing to Russia’s nuclear capabilities in actuality. Russia has sufficient nukes to lose 99% of them and still turn Europe into a smoldering ruin.

And of course even the majority of Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine wanted to remain part of Ukraine. That was the poll result taken before Russia could fake election results like it did in Crimea.


The fascist parties got about 2% of the vote in the presidential election in Ukraine, held quite legally after Yanukovich ran to his master in Moscow. Even his own party voted for his ouster after he did that.



Russia Building New Underground Nuclear Command Posts Russia is building large numbers of underground nuclear command bunkers in the latest sign Moscow is moving ahead with a major strategic forces modernization program.

U.S. intelligence officials said construction has been underway for several years on “dozens” of underground bunkers in Moscow and around the country.

Disclosure of the underground command bunkers comes as Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, commander of U.S. European Command, warned recently that Russia has adopted a nuclear use doctrine he called “alarming.”


I thought that the US President and the British Prime Minister signed documents giving Kaliningrad to the USSR. BTW, did the USA steal Puerto Rico from Spain? Did the USA steal Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona from Mexico? Did the USA invade Cuba in 1878 and steal Guantanamo Bay. Has Cuba demanded that the USA get out of Guantanamo Bay and that the USA is there illegally?


Did Mexico steal Tx, Ca, NM and Az from Spain? Did Spain steal them from the Indians?

I would never argue that the west (principally FDR) turned a lot of people over to Stalin. But Kaliningrad (formerly Koenigsberg) wasn’t some barren waste ruled by Comanches. It was a purely German city, and had been for centuries. It’s an “island”, in effect, separated physically from the Sov…er…Russia.


Puerto Rico is an island separated from the USA and yet the USA “stole” it from Spain? The American President and the British Prime Minister signed documents giving Kaliningrad to the USSR.


If so, it was a betrayal. But Churchill did not favor handing eastern Europe to Stalin. If he signed over Koenigsberg (nobody asked the Germans who lived there) it was still a theft, regardless.

And of course the U.S. “stole” Puerto Rico from Spain. Different era. Unfortunately for the U.S. however, the voters in PR always reject independence.

But getting back to topic, I again maintain that Russia putting missiles on Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad really isn’t useful militarily. It’s a political move to put Russian threats right into the heart of northern Europe. Terror, basically.


Nuclear blackmail is yet another use of nuclear weapons.


People in Moldova were demonstrating in large numbers against the NATO soldiers and tanks being brought into their country. Were they being terrorized by NATO?


Moldova as per Article 11 of their 1994 Constitution proclaimed themselves as having “permanent neutrality”. Good for them, I hope they are able to maintain that position. They protested NATO’s show of power and force in their country and they also have protested the maintenance of 1000 Russian troops in the breakaway province of Transnistria which Moldova still recognizes as part of their country. I think Moldova is just as concerned about NATO aggression, as they are Russian aggression.


Putin knows the U.S. has a weak leader right now and the country is embroiled in an ugly election. They know Hillary’s record. Need I say more…


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