Putin Threatens Turkish Jets in Syria as Spat Escalates


Vladimir Putin escalated his confrontation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the downing of a Russian bomber, saying relations are beyond repair while declaring Syria a no-fly zone for Turkish military aircraft.

“Turkey used to violate Syrian airspace all the time,” Putin told reporters Thursday. “Let them try and fly there now” that Russia’s most advanced air-defense system is covering the whole country, he said. Russia is taking part in international talks Friday on how to end Syria’s more than four-year civil war.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-17/putin-damps-hope-for-turkish-detente-threatening-jets-in-syria

                                               I'm surprised this got so little coverage. Sure sounds like Putin is declaring a No Fly Zone over Syria for Turkish aircraft.


It was reported in non-Western outlets, yesterday.

Needless to say, out of his over 3 hour press conference, the Western MSM only reported o the fact that Putin did have military specialists in Ukraine and that he had praised Trump. The only snippets of information they collected, in over 3 hours. :rolleyes:


I’ll say it again, Russia has permission to be in Syria, NATO does not.


The BBC seemed to focus more on Putin saying the Turks are licking Americans in certain places (and yes he really did say that) and dubbing him over with a very silly voice which blocked the original Russian. I had to find a Russian source and ask the missus did he really say that in Russian, It’s out of character for him but illustrates just how irked people in Russia are getting with Turkey. I assure you if a Turkish plane does enter Syrian airspace and the possibility of it been shot down is there they will at this point shoot it down. Turkey is about as popular as cancer in a lot of Russia right now.


Turkey is establishing a base in Qatar, have reestablished ties with Israel, Israel raided a Palestinian camp in 2010 and killed 10 Turks, so there has been a thaw over this action, arguably worse than downing a fighter jet.

I’m sure Turkey is quaking in its boots at Putin as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in turn is fleeing Syria. thetower.org/2714-israeli-officials-iran-has-withdrawn-most-forces-from-syria-after-heavy-losses/


Indeed, indeed.


All depends on who’s news source you want to believe. Nov 26 the Times of Israel said it was very unlikely that Russia would deploy the S-400 in Syria. They reportedly have deployed them and according to some sources like Bloomberg-IBTimes. it’s grounded US aircraft in Northern Syria. But we shall see.


UN Resolution is passed, how it is interpreted depends on by whom but maybe some peace can finally come to that region.

Cozy retirement for Assad looks likely as Syria peace talks convene

Read more: politico.com/story/2015/12/kerry-assad-syria-peace-talks-216911#ixzz3uia7tR00

UN Endorses Peace Process for Syria, but No Mention of Assad

UNITED NATIONS – U.N. Security Council members approved a resolution Friday outlining a peace process for Syria involving talks by representatives of the Damascus government and the opposition, but the draft says nothing on the critical issue of what role President Bashar Assad will play.

The resolution acknowledges that the peace process will not end the conflict because it bars “terrorist groups” operating in the country, including the Islamic State and al-Nusra Front, from participating in a cease-fire.

Foreign ministers from 17 countries met on and off for more than five hours to overcome divisions on the text.

The resolution has been described as a rare gesture of unity on the Syria peace process by a council often deeply divided on the crisis.

The draft resolution, obtained by The Associated Press, requests that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon convene representatives of the Syrian government and opposition “to engage in formal negotiations on a political transition process on an urgent basis, with a target of early January 2016 for the initiation of talks.”



Neither, it appears, does half the population of Syria.


Under what? International law?

Does Syria have permission to transport Iranian weapons and missiles to Hezbollah to fire at Israel?


You’re in a glass house with the US Naval base in Bahrain. I’m sure the majority want it out, but they’d be crushed by tanks if they tried.


US strike may have just killed 180 ISIS fighters and sounds like we may have accidentally hit some Iraqi forces as well, this is all in the news. Near Mosul.

US Coalition strikes continue in Syria, part of Syria is controlled by the Kurds, if they invite us in there, then that is largely the law there.


Not having permission under internal law has never stopped certain countries wandering into others has it*, cough, cough. This line of argument may prove to be a double edged sword tovarisch.

*Or arming less than desirable groups, some of whom would later bite the hand that fed them…


First off, I am not sure if “Nato” per se is in Syria.

UN declared full war on ISIS, that sounds like it is lawful as well.

UN in this case, may have some say whereas if some say “Who did Assad invite” and I haven’t heard Assad make a big deal about US Coalition airstrikes but stirrings here and there since we have not attacked the Syrian Government Troops.


Ah so one standard for the US, another for Russia?



If one wants to look up Civilians and Russia, I’m sure one will find stories on that as of today. It’s just a lot of us don’t care to publicize every little thing.


Turkey could cause Russia a lot of pain even if it doesn’t fly over Syria. Maybe a year ago or so, Turkey said it would intervene in Syria with troops if the U.S. would establish a “no fly zone” there.

If Russia has now established its own “no fly zone” vis a vis Turkey, then Turkey is no more likely to send in major units, particularly armor, now than it was back then. But it can do a lot to disrupt Russia’s strategy there. At some point, Russia or some ally of Russia is going to have to dedicate serious ground forces to the war. Failing that, Russia’s effort is not going to be much more effective than Obama’s, with the exception that Putin won’t be worrying about “rules of engagement”. Is Turkey above giving ground-to-air missiles to ISIS or other rebel groups? One seriously doubts it.


Actually you posted a chart the other day showing the rate of civilian death attributed to the coalition and Russian forces as been roughly the same. As I recall it showed 251 death estimated to be caused by coalition forces and 263 by Russian forces.

It was a most useful chart.


Internal disaster could strike Turkey very easily, so they may not take Russia’s challenge. Tensions with the Kurds are starting back up, the big cities have alot of militant leftists, radical Islam is on the rise, and there have always been a good number of secular nationalists.


Turkey’s horse in Syria may well be some group called something like Al Sham, ISIS massacred Turkmen so Turkey may well not fancy ISIS but Al Sham may be working allies with Al Nusra who are certainly no good guys. I even saw something that most ISIS oil is sold to the regime but who knows, we can’t and that is probably the US agencies speaking.


Ahrar Al Sham, this is the name of the group the Turks may fancy: gulfnews.com/news/mena/syria/ahrar-al-sham-to-join-opposition-talks-1.1634753

Turkey and Qatar may well support the MB; so Qatar, I don’t know how trustworthy they are actually.

UAE, I saw an article “fights Islam”, maybe, they do do some strange things.

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