Putin's show of strength: Russia begins ‘war games’ by parading nuclear-capable missiles that can reach London and mobilising 300,000 troops and 36,000 tanks alongside Chinese forces in rehearsals for a 'large conflict'

  • The week-long war games dubbed ‘Vostok-2018’ (East-2018), kicked off in far eastern Russia on Tuesday.

  • Russia’s defence ministry released video of vehicles, planes, helicopters and ships getting into position.

  • The massive drills, which include the Chinese and Mongolian armies, have been condemned by NATO.

  • They coincide with talks between Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping at an economic forum.


OH DEAR LORD HELP OUR WORLD PLEASE. Let there be peace on Earth.


whats wrong with war games, seriously, don’t make more of it then what it is.

everyone has war games.


Nato has had war games too. We are in a real cold war now… but if one looks around the news, Germany and Russia are talking about their oil pipeline or oil deals. The beat goes on. They complain about our war games.


Where’s this absurd figure of 36,000 tanks coming from? Are they doing the usual silly thing journalists do and counting all vehicles deployed as a tank.


Russia and China are having an economic forum don’tcha know! While discussing $ the subject will come up about paying for these war games. China will probably pick up most of the tab because Russia isn’t as well fixed these days (what with having to be in Syria etc.) Don’t know if Germany has anyone with a brain in their head doing business, but depending on oil from Russia? Oh boy!


If Russia is skint because of its forces in Syria, then it really has fallen very low indeed.


If you read the article the majority of troops in the exercise are Russia and the minority Chinese. When newspaper journalists talk about tanks and warships I often find they don’t know what they are talking about tas they tend to group any armoured vehicle in a military into a category labelled ‘tank’. The same with navies, they will group coastal patrol vessels and aircraft carriers into one group in their heads often and just label it as ‘warships’. One of my favourite examples of that was when President Bush came to Ireland and the Defence Forces provide security for him in part. One newspaper article show an APC blocking protestors from annoying him and breaching his security cordon and it kept been reprinted with words like ‘a tank from the Irish defence forces’ or similar underneath it. No army on Earth can field 36,000 combat level tanks. Russia has a huge stockpile of older model tanks but many of them are Cold War era and second or third line units and they still would not collectively add up to that figure of 36,000. Russia has a minority of it’s assets in Syria although certainly it is no longer the military power it once was. Opinions about the involvement in Syria are mixed as well. Americans may not support it but it’s noticeable that Israel has taken a policy of not opposing it generally as have a number of nearby neighbours, whilst other nearby states do of course.


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