Putting a Child up for Adoption


What exactly is the Church's stance on putting a child up for adoption in the case of birth defects? Someone close to me is afraid of the amnio results coming back positive for Down Syndrome and would be tempted to terminate. Would it be permissable to guide this person toward an adoption agency?


I think it would not only be permissable, it would be an amazing pro-life gesture.
There are, I think, organizations that can help her.


I’m a little confused. You have a friend who cares what the Church teaches about giving a child up for adoption but not what the Church teaches about the evil of abortion?

The Church doesn’t have a “stance” on putting children up for adoption due to birth defects. What the Church does teach is that all life is precious, abortion is murder and an evil act.

Those who choose to give up their children may be doing so for perfectly legitimate reasons. If a person finds themselves unable to care for a special needs child adoption may be the best choice for the child.

Those who adopt are doing a great work of charity.

It would be prudent to give her information on support groups for parents of special needs children, and to an agency such as Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities has trained social workers who can help the parents discern whether parenting or adoption is the right decision for them.

And, of course, she hasn’t even received the results so she may be worried over nothing.


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I'm a little confused. You have a friend who cares what the Church teaches about giving a child up for adoption but not what the Church teaches about the evil of abortion?


I'm the one who wanted to know what the church teaches because I'm the one who was thinking of recommending adoption as an alternative. This person fears Down Syndrome more than any other birth defect because of personal experiences, but I had read there is a waiting list to adopt these children. It's about helping someone avoid an abortion.


I think your concern shows that you are a good friend...to the mother, the unborn baby, and to God. Go and help your friend choose life. Pray for her, her fears, and the baby. And maybe offer up a prayer for the miracle parent(s) that are out there to adopt that little one.

May God Bless You for your friendship.

His Little1


Please google CHASK (a division of NATHANN). There is indeed a waiting list of good Christian families desperate to adopt children with Down syndrome. We tried very, very hard to adopt another child with DS after we discovered the blessings these children bring to their families (our son was born with DS). Unfortunately, after much searching, our one chance fell through.

I will pray for your friend. Our son with Down syndrome is 14 now, he reads at 6th or 7th grade level, swims 200 meters butterfly stroke and crawl, can take down a 200 lb man in karate and has a terrific sense of humor. He speaks English and Spanish, knows quite a bit of Latin, and can still sign to the hearing impaired. He has chosen to be a vegetarian (“eat beans not beings”) even though we, his parents aren’t, so he is a self-made young man. But our own family tried to pressure us into aborting him when we had the prenatal diagnosis. It just tears at my heart to see these wonderful blessings from God be needlessly murdered.

CHASK can find a family willing to adopt and they will help in figuring out how to handle expenses if necessary. This isn’t a Catholic organization, but a Christian organization. They are terrific.

Praying for you and the mother.



Please guide her, there are many people waiting to adopt these wonderful, loving babies.
In fact, at our church we have two Alter Servers who are Down’s, and they do such a beautiful, reverent job whenever it is their turn to serve, they’re as sharp as a tack too!
What loving and happy men they are!


I think giving up a child for adoption is a very loving thing to do. If a mom does not feel she can care for the child why not put the child in a home where they can be cared for.

Abortion is definetly a sin. Adoption is not. Think of all the church goers who bring their adopted children to church with them every week. It can’t be a sin



It turns out no Down Syndrome.


I am adopted. I say from personal experience that it can be really tough on the kid sometiimes, but it is truly the ULTIMATE symbol of love.


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