Putting condoms in packages for refugees


I work for a company that supplies jails, psychiatric hospitals and centers for refugees with ‘welcome packages’.
I work there as a secretary but we received a priority order of a thousand welcome packages for a refugee center. Along with the shampoo, toothpaste etc, we also had to put a pair of condoms in it. My colleague did the condoms and I did the toothpaste etc.
However I am not sure if it was the right decision to accept the job. On the one hand I feel that I am just carrying out a task and that I should not feel responsible, on the other hand I do believe that it is immoral and besides that promoting std and unwanted pregnancies.



You can’t patrol everyone having sex with or without condoms. It is their call.


If You are not putting it there by Yourself, seems You are doing nothing wrong.


You should not be involved with supplying Birth Control to others. That seems pretty clear theology and morality actually.


thanks so far.


She isn’t.


Why? The majority of Catholics use artificial birth control. The evidence? Count the number of children in the average Catholic family



Morality is not determined by majority votes. Especially not by people who breed at sub-replacement fertility rates. If 99 people jumped off a cliff, would you volunteer as #100?


So you are a mind reader? One of my daughter has been desperately trying to conceive but I suspect when you see her in Church you just assume she’s using contraception, right?

Regardless morality is not determined by the majority vote.

But back to the topic-the OP is not providing contraception to anyone. She was able to work out an accommodation with a fellow employee where she did not have to and I admire her for it.


There’s sound theology on issues like this, no reason to just talk “you can’t patrol…” or “you should not”.
Direct and indirect cooperation. You choose not to cooperate directly. Providing birth control is not the main goal of the company so there’s also no indirect cooperation (as would be with an abortion facility). You have no culpability in that sense, but you could examine if you were clear in your reasons to decline the particular job to put the condoms, as a testimony of faith, and if it would be possible to change jobs when this would start to occur more frequently.

Please fellow posters, refer to theology instead of so called common sense. Common sense hasn’t always brought people closer to Jesus or vice versa.


I don’t think one need be a mind reader to realize that Catholics on the majority abuse their bodies and their spouses bodies and go against the Church. A specific case (such as your daughter) could be judged individually. But collectively Catholics in general do not follow the Law of the Church in this matter. It is a grave matter and should not be ignored.

However, the number of Catholics who are defying God’s law have nothing to do with changing the Law itself. On that we can agree.


I’m not sure what that has to do with the OP’s dilema or the objective gravity of contraception itself.:shrug:


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