Putting down address other than my own on job app?

If you do not currently live in an area that is local to the job for which you are applying? Would this constitute lying? What if this address is your soon-to-be address?

I am presently living with my parents in small town for the summer, until I find a job in the city in which I was going to school (two hours away). I had to move back in with my parents because I was living in a dorm and the academic year ended over a month ago. I need to work in order to afford tuition for this coming semester and to afford my new housing costs. I will no longer be staying in the dorm, but have made housing arrangement’s with a friend’s family. Her grandfather died in January of this year and so her grandmother no longer has a companion at home. The grandmother suffers depression and also experiences fear when alone at home (at night), therefore spends part of her time at my friend’s parents’ house. My friend’s dad, knowing that I was trying and struggling to find a new place to live, offered me to rent the place where the grandmother lives. He said it could be an answered prayer for both of us as I need a place to live and the grandmother needs some company. And indeed it is, as this is far more safe than me trying to find a place through craiglist or other online means. My friend and I are very close, and I know her family and they are wonderful.

I have enough money at my disposal to pay the first month’s rent. But of course I need income to pay for the subsequent months. I will move in to the house whenever I find a job, or school begins, whichever comes first.

Anyways, my job search has been unsuccessful. I was talking to a different friend recently about it, and when the issue of which address I was using came up, she suggested that might be part of the problem – I am not providing a local address. She suggested that I put down my future address. I asked if this is okay to do, i.e. acceptable, and she said yes.

However, I felt conflicted as this seemed to me like lying on an application. I went ahead and did it, but because **I am scrupulous **(as I have mentioned in other posts), when possible I put down both addresses. At the end of an application, there is a statement whereby a person affirms that the information one has provided is true to the best of one’s knowledge, hence my scruples.

I had also asked my friend if I could put down her grandmother’s address for my apps and she was fine with it.

But the real question is … is this acceptable in the job world? Any hiring managers here at CAF that can speak to this question?

It is perfectly fine to put the address where you will be living upon employment.

Why not just be clear? If it is a temporary address just print “temporary” near the address. No big deal. :slight_smile:

I have had to “pick” an address for a job application in the past, because I literally lived between two different places. I spent half my time at my grandparents, and half my time at my parents. I used my grandparents address as it better suited my job issue.

I think as long as you are going to actually live at the given address you should be fine. Your employer really does not have to know that you are between places, or that you even live off and on at two different places. Just don’t provide an address that you have no intention of ever living at. That is the only way I would see a real problem.

And keep your discussion of where you live private for the most part. That is just common sense in terms of safety these days. Not everyone needs to know your address. Just family and very trusted, close friends.

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