Putting oneself in the path of temptation and avoiding it tomorrow

I have a problem with rash judgment, so I’ve been trying to swear of political sites until after tomorrow. And I went to a place I knew was likely to have such articles, though I went there out of habit/ looking for cultural articles/curiosity at why another site was exploding. Just reading the headlines was enough for temptation, so I backed up and found something else to do and to the best of my knowledge did not rashly judge anyone. Am I correct that visiting the site was stupid/venial but not actually mortal sinful?

And any advice getting through tomorrow generally since I probably won’t be able to avoid the news?

Considering you went on the site for different reasons and not with carelessness about falling into sin, and then as soon as you saw the temptation, fled from it, not only would I say that’s not even a venial sin, but it was likely meritorious for you,
Consider it a learning experience, we can learn from our sins and our victories,

As for tomorrow…I really dunno how to avoid that, all I can say is pray for the strength and other graces you need in order to keep humble and avoid rash judgement,
But remember, a bad idea or thought entering your mind is not a sin, it only becomes sinful when you accept it into your mind, dwell on it, and take pleasure/enjoyment in it.

Just remember to pray, more often than not, our downfalls are due to a lack of prayer throughout the day and especially at the times of temptation.

I hope I can get through it too as I have avoided Facebook and Twitter for the last week. My husband though watches the news a lot and it’s really hard for me to not to “talk back” to some of the news guys, commentators or candidates. I think I’ll.be praying to St.Michael a lot tomorrow. I think if the news media wasn’t so entrenched over the weekend with this, like nothing else was going on, it would be much better. If it was me by myself, probably wouldn’t have satellite tv.

So I feel for you, and boy have I been tempted!

Im more worried I won’t be able to love people who vote “wrong”. It’s sort of like being an antebellum abolitionist. How did they not judge slave owners? It’s hard not to judge when people can’t seem to understand that ripping babies apart is the most ghastly and horrifying thing and we should do something about it! How is it that this message falls on deaf ears? It makes me really not trust these people at all!

When near broadcast media, turn on sports channels (radio), Dave Ramsey the budget guy (radio) or the Farm Report (radio). The latter are soothing, and people will play sports no matter who is in office.

After work, walk, preferably a dog. Borrow one if you do not have one. Dog walks are good times to recite the rosary, so you can multitask! Walk in a park, so you are not exposed to any campaign signs. Retrieve take out food for dinner.

When the bombardment of coverage, exit polls and commentary (all of which you will have avoided) morph into sigh election coverage, it’s time to pop in a DVD and eat takeout during a movie. Something silly and vintage is good because there are no references to any current issues, crises, current candidates, or female news commentators dressed in nightclub attire. Try anything by Don Knotts, Judy Garland , Abbott and Costello, Madea, or The A-Team.

Say a prayer to God for his protection of America from Wednesday forward, then go to sleep. Wednesday will be a whole new day.:o

The reason you should never judge is because Jesus says so. Judge not lest you will be judged. I don’t even condemn Judas Iscariot, though everything points that he is in hell. Who am I to judge others? Judgement belongs to God only and you have no means of reading a person’s heart.

I know one can’t judge the state of another’s soul. That is not what I was saying. You have to judge actions though. Look, if my life were in danger and all I had to go on was your stance on life issues, I’d take my chance trusting a pro life person above anyone who really doesn’t think that’s as important as other things. If someone votes for a pro abortion candidate, I am not judging their soul to say I have a hard time trusting them. I don’t think I said I could read their heart either. But it can be said that someone is following the wrong path. Will they end up in heaven? Only God knows that. That doesn’t mean I can’t see their error.


Reading this actually gave me some hope and bolstered my faith. No matter what happens, we are indeed at war. Maybe it will also help other posters.

You are allowed to assess whether others embrace the same Christian values as you do. Plenty of people in our country no longer do. You are allowed to assess for yourself whether people around you are people with whom you can be close, or people whose judgment in civic matters you can trust, based on their shared values or lack thereof. I’ve learned that some friends and I do not share some of the same values, and I accordingly limit the extent of our friendships.

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