Putting our trust in the Pope


I was reading comments made by a member of this board, and two things he/she said were sort of disturbing and I was wondering how people here would respond. Those two things are:

I will say she from here on in, just for simplification (sorry if she’s a he… if that makes sense):

Here’s one of the things she said:

  1. “Would you bet your soul that Benedict XVI is infallible?”

  2. Also, someone made a comment that said: “That’s right, MOTHER MARY’s purity restores the world, to a purity.” and she responded with: “Please stop. This is idolatry to a fault.”

How would people on this board respond to that?

  1. On matters of Faith and Morals, yes, I would trust the Pope, Vicar of Christ.

  2. In so far as Mary is the example of purity, that the world should emulate.


Hi there, I will give it a shot.

I would say no one should ever bet their soul on anything. Doesnt sound like a very good thing to me. Even if you know something is the truth.

2nd. Marys purity, just like anyone elses does have a postive effect for the whole world.And of course the greater the purity the greater the effect. Just as the sin of one effects the rest of us and has a negative effect.

And there is much going around about Mother Teresa. I think she is a great example of how the good God has done through one person can effect the whole world.

God Bless

  1. I do bet my soul that the Pope is infallible. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be Catholic. :wink:

  2. I guess Mary’s purity allowed Jesus to be born. Without Mary and her purity, which allowed the virgin birth of Jesus, how can purity be restored to the world? :shrug:

*One of my favourite lines is that Mary is honoured, not because she gave birth to Jesus, but that she believed in Him before he came into the world. That’s the kind of faith we should emulate. * :wink:


You betcha. In fact I already have.:thumbsup:

I did that when I came back to the Catholic church. It’s the best move I’ve done. I fiddled around with protestant ideals for about 25 years, and felt awful. After I entrusted my soul to Jesus and his Church, I started feeling much better.:dancing:

Just because she/he says so, doesn’t make it so. She/he needs to restart their brain, and start reading the bible a little closer.:coffeeread:



The Pope’s charism of infallibility is actually a trust in the promise of Jesus Christ from the Bible in Matthew. I totally trust Jesus–therefore, I can trust the Pope.

  1. Also, someone made a comment that said: “That’s right, MOTHER MARY’s purity restores the world, to a purity.” and she responded with: “Please stop. This is idolatry to a fault.”

Mary said yes to being the Mother of the Incarnation. Absolutely her fiat (by the Grace of God) allowed our redemption. She could have said “my will be done” like the first Eve did.


I was at another site talking to Calvinists about gay Christians and their churches. I commented that rather than go head to head with gay Christians on scripture interpretation on whether gay sex was a sin or not (they’re convinced in their own interpretation obviously do not believe that it’s a sin), I tried to focus on the fact that if nothing, their interpretation was novel and that for 2000 over years the church had taught that gay sex was sinful.

The Calvinist said that that just demonstrated the bankruptcy of applying the ‘my boss says it’s wrong’ principle and that we should just teach them proper hermeneutics, not the surrender of hermeneutical task to an alien authority. “So why should anyone believe in what the pope THINKS he understand from the bible and not what he or she thinks is taught in the bible?”

It can get really frustrating sometimes. I often wonder, as I’m sure many of you do so as well, why we continue to try to show Protestants the true teachings of the Catholic Church…

They seem to be content with believing that an Almighty God is not able to use fallible men to lead His sheep to objective truth with infallible authority.

We should just concentrate on non-Christians.


I see that the general consensus, thus far, is that one should bet their soul that the pope is infallible.

Just trying to learn the proper etiquette if you will.

dont want to look like a “cafeteria” catholic. I guess I was focusing on the negative use of that phrase.

Not sure why I am saying this, just looking for feedback I guess.

God Bless.


God bless you.:tiphat:

I am not sure that I would say “should” bet your soul. I think it’s more of a desire to do so, it sort of comes naturally. It was part of me turning my life over to Jesus. I sort of figured, that since I was convinced that he was truly God, that everything he said was the Truth, and I decided at that moment, to place my entire salvation in his hands. Therefore, his church which he established for us/me was there for the good of our soul, including the Stewardship of St. Peter.

Okay, we all need feedback once in awhile.:hmmm:



The comment about protestants reminds me of a saying I saw on a church one time that said, “Some people want to serve God, but only as advisers”. I think that’s so true. Some people just sort of decide what they want and then look for ways to justify it.


Having an infallible teaching authority is the only way we can have the faith that is necessary to save our soul. That supernatural faith is when we surrender ourselves to God’s truth unconditionally and without reserve.

To be able to assent to revelation with absolute certainty that it is of God and not heresy, there must be an infallible teacher. If the truth you believe has no infallible guarantee, then one cannot assent to it completely, as one is admitting that it might not be true–that admission right there makes faith no longer certain and divine.

An old apologetics catechism made this astute point:

“Either you believe that you are fallible in the interpretation which you give the Scripture, or you hold that you are infallible: if you say you are fallible, then your faith is uncertain and vacillating, and, consequently, is not faith at all; but if you say you are infallible, then your absurd presumption drives you to assert, that the whole Church may err in her interpretation of Scripture, but that you individually can interpret it with infallible certainty!”


Just have to reiterate the point - we aren’t really ‘betting our souls’ - instead we’re placing firm faith in Christ’s promises of protection and guidance for His Church.

And doesn’t every Christian bet their souls on the facts that

a) the Scriptures themselves are true and infallibly written and

b) whichever religious authority’s interpretations of said scripture they follow are also infallible (or their own interpretation if they place faith in no other)



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