Putting ourselves in the best mood for the day

How do you go about putting yourself in the best mood for the day?:slight_smile: So many factors affect and go towards the mood we wake up in…worries that might be there to remember,the dreams we’ve had,food we’ve eaten, hormones,ill health ,bountiful health ,the weather,the news,what we’ve got to look forward to…or not too.
Heaps of variables !
I’d like to hear your strategy of creating your right frame of mind for the day .
God bless.


Morning daily mass.


That’s great ,I’d love to be able but it would include a lot of travel.I guess I could try and do a spiritual communion at a set time everyday.
I actually can’t think a better way of starting the day if it were possible :slight_smile:


I work out at a local gym. I feel refreshed afterwards. I don’t know why, but I feel like I have more energy after I work out.


Probably way better than leaving it late in the day :thinking:

I offer prayers before arising from bed. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, Come Holy Spirit, Prayer to Saint Michael, and a prayer for the dear departed/holy souls in purgatory.

I recently received this short prayer of Saint Augustine to the Holy Spirit:

O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams.

  • Saint Augustine

That’s a good question. I’ve had complicated, restless, bad dreams for a couple of nights and woken up in a bad mood! What helps me everyday: wake up early enough to sit quietly in my favorite chair for at least an hour or more before getting ready for work. Lots of good coffee. Seeing the sunrise. Morning prayer and rosary, reflecting on and praying for the people and situations I anticipate encountering that day.

If I don’t begin this way I am often scattered and irritated at the lack of time. So I guess these things are the key to a peaceful day.

Most days I am able to go to Mass at noon, so morning Mass is not part of my routine.


It’s exciting to get ideas from other people,really constructive :slight_smile: Thank you.

I snuggle with my dog. :dog::heart:


I ask (before I even get up) the Holy Spirit to show me where and how I am needed by the Lord today. Put me to good use. And something always happeneds where I have a particular skillset, even if all it is is listening to another’s problems and being empathetic, offering prayer.


One idea is to use what are called “aspirations”…short bursts of prayer!

So whatever “virtue” you want to work on for a couple of weeks, use an aspiration that “tends” toward that virtue.

For instance, with the desire to “better our mood” one suggestion might be to increase the virtue of “gratitude” and an aspiration or short prayer in that direction might be: “Thanks be to You God, thanks be to You”…or just “Thanks be to You, God”.

Make it short and say it to God.

So when you wake up, you say “Thanks be to You”.

When you’re brushing your teeth…or find yourself running across anything that’s going well…("my teeth still work!, the refrigerator isn’t totally broken, the car still works, I still can walk)…you say “Thanks be to You, God”.

You don’t have to get rule oriented or obsessive over it, but you say the aspiration as a way to draw closer to union with God “using the ordinary things of the day”. You “convert” the ordinary into meeting trysts with God!

And then maybe in the evening you sit for 3 minutes…and say (to God) “how was my mood today…was it a bit better, just a bit more elevated, a bit more constant, how was my gratitude…did I tell You Thanks for a few things today at least?”.

Just a suggestion.

And if after 2-3 weeks you find yourself in a bit better mood…move on to another virtue…industriousness, generosity, lack of a critical spirit, optimism, humility, etc. If not, then don’t move on to another virtue, ask God for more help.

And often you can find some passage from the readings of Mass as a source for the “aspirations” you will say to help you in that particular virtue.

I am working on patience at the moment…and I use the passage we heard from the reading of Samuel last week…“Speak Lord, for your servant is listening”.

So when I run across things that seem to stir up my impatience, I bring Our Lord into that moment… Since God is allowing this event that is before me…say an iphone distracted driver…God is in a sense “talking to me” through this driver…And so I say "Speak Lord for your child (to remind me to be humble too) is listening.

So that’s my current virtue and my current “aspiration”.

Today’s “Responsorial Psalm” is " In God I trust; I shall not fear."

That would be a perfect aspiration to use to help improve upon “lack of faith or lack of trust in God”.

These are just ways of increasing the presence of God (the help of God) to us during our ordinary day.


I try to pray from the heart, aloud, with my husband (we hold hands ands take turns) before getting out of bed.

Then, I get up before the kids do, so I can drink my coffee and pray more, in peace and quiet.

This always works for me! Good luck!


“I love them that love me: and they that in the morning early watch for me, shall find me.” (Prov 8:17, vulg.)

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Self-compassion, responsibility, confidence!

  1. Self-compassion: I acknowledge that I am an imperfect creature in an imperfect world.

  2. Responsibility: And yet I know I still have responsibilities to accomplish, sometimes seemingly impossible to do because of said imperfections.

  3. Confidence: But it was God who made me and the world imperfect and gave me these responsibilities. Therefore if God is just and fair (Psalms 25:8) then He is beholden to help me. And thus the more impossible the circumstances, the greater is my confidence in Him.

How can you ever have a bad day with an outlook like this?


I say a rosary at bedtime. It has a positive effect on the next day. It doesn’t eliminate the stresses of any given day, but it affects how I am disposed to respond to them.

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Giving awareness to, and thanking God, for the blessings and the good things, however small and taken-for -granted they may be.

Thank you Trishie.
I would like to jot down each of everyone’s practices and work them into my day best as possible.All of them are great .God bless.

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I say my morning prayers and think of happy things throughout the day! :grin:

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Hello and thank you for this topic.

When I wake up for the day - I work nights, so I get mixed up sometimes - my thoughts are already racing with worry and anxiety.

Lately reading a selection from the Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis has been helping, as well as making the sign of the cross as soon as possible. Sometimes I have to offer up my depressed mood when I wake, as I have chronic depression. Being reminded that my life is in God’s hands helps a lot.


Nothing; absolutely Helps like at least 5 minutes i n UNRUSHED prayer to start your day.

Attending DAILY Mass will get you started RIGHT every day:grinning:

God Bless you and thanks for asking


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