Putting yourself in possible place to sin


Is it a sin to put yourself in a possible situation to sin? I suffer from scruples so sometimes certain situations just get me worried that a certain thought or action is worse than what it really is, and it just lingers in my mind thinking I did something really wrong, when it’s probably not the case. So in order to try and tell myself that a random thought or action is not that bad, I “Recreate” the situation to try and completely get rid of it, and grade the seriousness. However the last time I did this when I did the action again a thought came up, which I rejected immediately, but even though I am 95% sure I did not get pleasure, it still concerns me I sinned. This has happened before and you would have thought I learned my lesson, but I just really struggle telling myself that the things that I do/randomly think are no big deal, and the devil is trying to convince me it’s worse than what it really is. Once again I do not recreate the situation to purposely try to sin or get pleasure etc. but I do it to try and grade the seriousness. I told my mom about this and she gets upset with me because she says I set myself up for failure, and put myself in these situations so that if I fail, I say to myself I am a bad person and torture myself. Anyways is this a sin? Hopefully at least it is not mortal… I really hope. I am probably torturing myself like my priest says I should not. Thank you for the responses.


The thing you ought to do is to speak with your priest. He can guide you in the best way to reassess any potential sins. Recreating a sin seems to me to be asking for problems… at least in the way I think you mean. As someone who is scrupulous, the best advisor will certainly be your priest as we can’t really assess someone else’s sins and culpability.


Thank you for the response, and advice. Also could we avoid the ask your priest answers, I am just wondering what other everyday people think. Venial, mortal, or none at all?


We could avoid the ask the priest answer… but as someone who is scrupulous, it’s the correct answer. However, I’ll leave it to others to answer you, if you prefer.


It was not a mortal sin. You have to 100% consent to the evil thought or action for it to be so.


I’m sorry if that comment came as disrespectful, you are correct, I just am looking for other opinions. Thank you for the response.


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