Hello , I am trying to see that God is not calling me to the Priesthood. Yes, I said it. However since the 8th Grade I have intentively studied God. From my beginnings of a what I like to. Call a Catholic Protestant background considering my family called themselves Catholic but didn’t live it out. Till my encounter with a High school in Indiana that made me so sick and discusted that I was on my feet searching for God and had doubts that I would find him in the midst of a new school that had its principals and morality all mixed up. However in that time of crying tears, anguish and desperation I found a channel. The program was the World Over and so I was like why not. As I was watching the show I saw that they had reasons and facts to back up there claims. I was like this I can hold I. To this. So I did the days that I remained at High Land High school I held on Ewtn like Scared kid holding on to it’s teddy bear. Everyone was challenging my Faith! EWTN was my Best friend at the worst time of my life. When I got back to K3 I got invloved assisting my local parish helping the 8th graders. After my colleague allowed me to speak. The words in which Ewtn and this forum spoke. Words of education and most importantly hope came out. Friday as I was doing Stations of the Cross and it was awesome.Then I got offered to teach next year by myself! I was participating with a high school aged girl and I said to my self hmm. Only if I find a woman like that in the future to marry. Someone who is passionately Catholic! I plan to go teach Theology and Philosophy at the College level. So my dilemma is I want to serve the Church so bad! But I want a family so bad too!

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction on your discernment.

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