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Hello, my name is Sam. I decided to join this forum, because I’m currently in the R.C.I.A at my church, and have MANY questions. One question I’d like to ask is about Matthew 24:32-35 The Lesson of the Fig Tree. The deacon asked us to look over this parable and think about what it means to us, but I’m having some trouble understanding it. Anyone who could translate this parable to me would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup: Thanks in advance!


He is talking about the Second Coming and gives warnings as what will happen before.

The warnings are like the figs budding and the Second Coming is like the summer.

Figs bud before summer.


In that climatic zone, weather conditions are relatively stable; there is no splashy spring season, etc.

Yet for those who “work the land” (about ninety percent of the people in HIS day), keeping one’s eye on the passage of the seasons was critical to life.

The fig tree provided an obvious and reliable sign of the seasons; but it was something you needed to watch out for.

Likewise, human conditions seem to remain almost the same as time goes on. But although that very stability may convince some that life will go on forever as it always has, there will be a return of our LORD, and HE has established signs of His appearing, though we must be watchful for them.



Welcome to the forums Sam. You’re in the right place if you have a lot of questions!
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Thank you for taking the time to respond and clarify this parable Nelka.


Thanks GEddie for clearing that up. I appreciate the detailed response, and I feel much more knowledgeable about this parable now. See you around in the forums.


Hi Mary thanks for the welcome message! I’m very new at this and just began my studies in Catholicism, although I’ve been raised in a Catholic household, I’m sure I’ll have many other questions. Have a good day.:thumbsup:


Glad to have you around Sam :):slight_smile:



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