Q about Naprotechnology's success rate


Hi everybody

I am just confused.
I heard many wonderful stories about infertilie couples being helped through NaPro. On different web-sites I have seen that NaPro’s success rates are 30-70% And it is usually compared to IVF which is then said to have only 18%
But I am just wondering how these numbers are reached and if they actually are fair. Where I am from people all do IVF and usually at least 3 times, and they say the succes rate is more than 70. I wonder if it isn’t unfair if Napro is compared with IVF in a way where 1 try with IVF is compared to Napro which usually takes many months.
Can anyone explain these complicated numbers to me, how they are made and compared???


I suggest you contact the Pope Paul VI Center directly to ask these questions.



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