Q for Orthodox about Georgian reform

Catholicism tends to favour subsidiarity (matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority), and so this article caught my interest. What, if anything, does Orthodoxy say about subsidiarity? Is there anybody who can shed light on the situation in Georgia?

Georgian patriarch against local government reform

“If this law is enforced we will end up with the total disintegration of Georgia. We will never accept this and will do everything against it,” Ilia said during his sermon at the Svetitskhoveli cathedral in Mtskheta…

The draft bill grants more autonomy to local entities and is praised by many experts and civil activists active in the field, as well as the EU, with whom Georgia signed a landmark association and free trade agreement in Vilnius last week. The deal will come up for a final signing next year, after going through a ratification process in the EU system.

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