Q. If everyone has guardian angels why do they let such terrible things happen to them?


Hi guys,
A lady having looked at my website asked the following question. a very good
one. i would like your ideas on this and anything relevant as I’m wanting to
put this Q&A on my angels website.
Let me know if you think I’m right, correct me or enhance my answer or talk
about anything to do with angels. I look foraward to your replies. My words
are in blue-

Shortened debate follows-
I consider myself a faithful Catholic but I have trouble with angels as
anything but messengers. If angels are supposed to protect us from harm
where were the angels of all of the children who were and are being abused?
Yesterday in my city a father threw his little daughter off a bridge. Where
was her angel?
In Christ
Dear Sharon
I don’t claim to have all the answers. Angels work for God and Gods ways are
a mystery to us. I can tell you that it’s not the angels fault this terrible
thing happened though. Angels do not interfere with mans free will. They
just try to inspire man to do good. Sometimes angels can intervene in a
special way but its rare. They simply do Gods bidding. Perhaps this little
girl may have perished had she lived to an older age in this world gone mad
so God took her at the appropriate time. Angels are not to blame for the
evil in the world nor is God. The demons and fallen man are to blame. Angels
do immense good in our world and lives even if we don’t know it.

If you are willing to take a test then pray for lots of little specific
things to your guardian angel ( whom you can name ) and do it for a good
while and see if your prayers are answered.

God bless you and I hope this answer was sufficient. If you have other
questions email me anytime.

Hi John,

Thank you for your prompt reply. With respect I feel that you have answered
around my question without tackling the ‘meat’ of the question. I know all
about free will but if an angel is specifically going to be’ my guardian
dear’ it has to guard me or little helpless children. I asked this question
on Catholic Answers forum apologist but didn’t get an answer either.

I won’t do the test because just as one doesn’t put God to the test I dont
think it is a good idea to put His messenger to the test.

Have a good weekend

I then sent Karen About 60 pages in MSWORd ut later realized that was not a
good idea. It’s 2 or 3 hrs reading to try and find answers. I apolgised to a
wife and mother who would not ave time and made an attempt to answer this
important question as follows. What are your thoughts on all this guys?


Dear sharon, i think I gave you information overload did I? Sorry, I can do
that. If you have a family to care for it’s probably too much time to read
and reflect on all that. It is a great question though. I’ll try to help in
a brief way by explaining what is said and relevant to your question having
studied and prayed about it. Hope it helps.

We know that if we have a relationship with God and pray for what we need he
will look after us and provide for us.We feel his providential care as
outrheavenly father every day. Many bad things that happen to us are a
mystery to us but we know and trust that God permits it for a good reason.
Everything has a purpose and God only permits evil that he can bring good
out of it. Everything God made was good but the angels and humans who were
given free will so they could freely choose to love God abused it ( I’m
refering to the fallen angels here ).God never willed nor caused evil to
enter the world. God does seem to offer more help and protection to some of
his children at times by intervening in extraordinary ways. But these people
don’t deserve it. It is a gratuitous action by God. He can do this for a
number of reasons. To increase faith and hope, help unbelievers or to ensure
a person has completed their mission here or is ready to meet him and so on.
An effect of original sin is suffering and death. This is our fault and not
Gods. God chooses the best time in our life to die and a lot of this is a
mystery. God permits evil as said so he can bring good from it, but he never
wills it. God will not interfere with our free will otherwise we would be a
puppet on a string. The purpose of our existence is to know , love and serve
God in this life and enjoy him forever in heaven. We must die as a result of
original sin and we suffer because of it and God has turned our suffering
into something very precious. It purifies and sanctifies us. We become more
humble, charitable and virtuous in general when we suffer. We draw closer to
God at these times too. Many people don’t understand this or know God and
therefore get very little benefit from it and some even despair in their
trials. God will give us as many chances as we need in this life to repent
and love him and thus win eternal life. He provides all the grace we need ,
but if we cooperate with that grace we get more and more. When we love God
and do his will we open ourselves up to all the potential benefits that come
from that. When God knows that he is not going to interfere with our free
will he is then able to help and bless us so much more and in a million ways
he does this for those who love and obey him. The more our will is united to
Gods and the more we accept and fulfill his will the greater we benefit from


being children f God. God wants us to be saints and if we cooperate he will
make us saints. This will involve suffering but if we embrace it and
persevere, fulfilling Gods plan for us we can reach the goal of sanctity. So
many prople bitterly complain about the slightest inconvenience when all it
is , is God testing us because he wants to see if we will accept the cross.
If we accept it we are blessed beyond belief in so many ways. We show God
that we accept his will for us even though it’s often painful… God invites
us to get to know and love him continually but never forces us. He only
desires that which is good for us. Nothing else. He sees us in eternity and
wants to prepare us for it and that means we must suffer. But his will is
the eternal bliss that follows this life. He is deeply concerened about all
our affairs and trials but as said he is much more concerned with eternity.
The angels are not just messengers. They fulfill much of Gods work as
mentioned above. They too have their hands tied if we don’t believe in them
and pray to them. They are continually talking to us and influencing those
around us in ways to help us. They try desperately to hinder all from doing evil and doubtless greatly reduce the evil done to good men but they are poerless to over ride the evil doers free will they can just try to inspire him and influence those around him to stop the evil deeds. They are primarily concerned with our
salvation. Sometimes they intervene in our lives as said with God in
extraordinary ways for the same reasons as above. The angels help us
regardless but because they cannot go against our free will if we don’t pray
to them and ask their help then they are powerless to help us to a degree.
Their is always the gratuitous gift of God or Angels helping people but we
can’t rely on this. The church and millions of people pray to the angels and
this helps some people for sure. But if we want the angels help we must ask
for it. They will render us a million services and make sure we’re ready
when that time comes to meet our maker.

I hope this helps. I welcome other questions.

God bless
John:) :thumbsup:


This is similar to the question of why God ‘allows’ bad things to happen to good people. It is neither God’s fault nor the angels fault that evil is done in this world.

The short answer is this is NOT Heaven. This world is full of folks who have their own agendas, and their own free will. They can choose to do evil things and have a big impact on others. As long as we live in a world of sin, bad things can and will happen.

As long as we are here, we are subject to natural and man made events. How far our guardian angels can help us, is not known. We may be assuming too big of a role for our GA or it may be that they are not present 24/7. No one knows the precise role that our GA plays.

There may be some limits on what they can or can not do, or it simply may be that our alloted time on this earth was due. IF all senseless injury and death could be avoided or prevented by our angels, then this would no longer be earth. At some point God may bring that about but for now, we have earth and all its potential for hazards.


I, for one, believe in Guardian Angel’s.

It all depends on which frequency one has their being tuned in to… like a radio.

All one has to do, is find the right channel…


If anyone thinks this will be useful to someone send them a link to this thread or my blog on this at whydoangelsletbadthingshappen.blogspot.com/


Our angels are there more for spiritual protection and to guide us to Christ.

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