Q. Why should I bother trying to become a Saint if I’m going to be perfectly happy if I go to Heaven anyway?


Q. Why should I bother trying to become a Saint if I’m going to be perfectly happy if I go to Heaven anyway?
A. My theory. God is Love. Heaven is God. Therefore Heaven is the ultimate experience of Love for man. Our happiness in Heaven is contingent on how much we love. The more we love the greater our happiness will be. In order to love more we must receive more grace which is love. The practice of a very virtuous life will lead to much grace which is love coming into our souls. Everyone wants to love and be loved. This is the deepest longing in our hearts and this can only be satisfied in Heaven where we experience the love of infinite Love which is God. Once we die we cannot increase the amount of love in our hearts and souls. The love we have is purified to perfection and made as pure, innocent, simple and selfless as it can be in purgatory. It is not increased in purgatory it is simply made perfect. We shall be perfectly happy in Heaven no matter what our capacity to love is. But how much more happy are the Saints. In Heaven when we see and experience God we will be seeing and experiencing Love. The only thing we will want to do is love God back in Heaven. The more Love we have in our souls the greater our capacity to love God back. So while it is true we shall be perfectly happy if we get there and can only love a little would it not be better to be able to love a great deal and have far more happiness? If we’re sane we will want to love and be loved as much as possible in Heaven. This is why the church tells us we are called to be saints no doubt. So we can be happier in this life and the next. This is why our lord tells us to love God above all and love all men as ourselves. The more we love now the happier we will be later.
This is my theory. What are your thoughts and ideas?
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It’s not about the reward, it’s about the wedding.


My dear friend

Thanks for your input. I’m simply stating my theory. the motivation is up to the individual. purgatory will cleanse our love if it’s imperfect. Most people need incentive to do things. Many people are happy to just straggle into heaven. perhaps a reward as described will encourage some to greater holiness. We all need to start somehow, no one is a Saint at the beginning. I hope you see my reasoning?

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Is it arrogant of me to want to become a Saint? Sometimes I think it means I am thinking too highly of myself, but I really feel that it is truly because I am so grateful for what God has done in my life and I feel an immense love for him that urges me to try.

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To seek spiritual perfection is human nature. You thirst for God. God thirsts for you. Let yourself quench your thirst and He quench His thirst. Imitate God’s Love and Mercy.


People may differ in motivation, but God dose not ask us to seek Him for a reward. He is not a prize. He is our God. We must seek Him wholly out of love. Study the Song of Songs and you’ll see what I meant.


Well said Eucharisted:thumbsup::slight_smile:


My dear friend

The path to perfection is a long and hard one with many twists and turns and ends in Heaven. We must learn to crawl before we walk, and walk before we can run. God gives us much encouragement along the way, much the same way we reward our little children for doing good.

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Reward is not a motivation, it is a reassurance; Jesus says those who suffer and die for Him will be rewarded, and those who give up wealth will store up for themselves eternal treasure. For God dose not delight in mercenaries but in children. If you seek a motivation, than embrace love and the greatest proof of God’s love for us: His Passion and Death.


More than human nature - it’s a divine command. Jesus doesn’t call us to be adequate, He tells us to be perfect. In doing so He promises that we can be - with His help and grace.


I like your thoughts, and they are correct, but there is a more basic thing to consider. Only saints get into Heaven. If you shoot for Heaven and miss, you get purified in purgatory. Shoot for purgatory and miss, and you end up in hell.


My dear friend Eucharisted

good points but I think a reward is a motivation and scripture is full of mentioning rewards such as the beatitudes. Not the perfect motive but a motive. The perfect motive is to do all for love of God alone, but none of us are perfect so lesser motives are necessary for us, especially early in our journey home.

I’ve long had a picture of you as a man in his 50’s. How old are you and where do you live ( country ) if you don’t mind me asking? Ignore the question if you want. perhaps PM the answer for privacy???

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My dear friend

Your right. you must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect to enter heaven. If you really want to be sure of heaven you have to aim very high and do purgatory if needs be. it’s no good thinking I’ll drift in. You may not. The lukewarm will be vomited forth He says. You have to be hot to be sure of living and that means going the extra mile or two in your spiritual life.

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My dear friend

I agree with you. we should shoot for the stars. people will torture themselves for various reasons like exercise, sport etc, and they will spend 50 hrs / wk watching TV and on leisure or fruitless pursuits ( except those with many kids ) and can’t find time for God. Not wise. I know people with 8 kids striving for sanctity seriously and doing well. Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. We should work to build up a big treasure in heaven. The treasure is grace. a treasure of infinite value that will bring as blissful happiness forever. Will TV or clubbing bring us eternal bliss? Nothing wrong except when you neglect the more important duties to God too much or completely. God deserves our best. we can’t do it but should at least try. We determine if we get to heaven and how much happiness therein.

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A: Because only “saints” will dwell in Heaven. Another way to phrase it… anyone who is IN Heaven… IS a saint. This includes all those canonized by the Catholic Church… and the multitudes which are not canonized (are unknown) to the Church.

Whether we attain the perfection to enter Heaven, while still on this earth… (and therefore go directly to Heaven when we die)… OR perhaps necessarily go to Purgatory, first… we won’t know, until the moment we close our eyes in death… and open them to the Mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, even to pass through Purgatory… requires consistent effort on our part, to do the Will of God while we are here on earth. There will be no “free passes” into Heaven. I heard a priest on EWTN say this.

But this reminds me of an incident in the life of St. Therese of Lisieux. When she was a child, one of her elder sisters explained to her the difference between little souls and great souls, and their degree of happiness in Heaven.

Thereses’ sister took a thimble and filled it with water. Then, she took a large tumbler and filled IT with water and set it beside the thimble. She asked young Therese… “Which of these is the fullest?”. Therese rightly responded… “They are equally full”.

And in this way, showed Therese that whether a soul is small or great… in Heaven, all souls are loved by God and therefore, happiness will be complete.

This anecedote from “The Story of a Soul” always stuck with me. Because she accepted her “littleness” and trusted so fully in the love of Jesus.

St. Therese of Lisieux, pray for us… :slight_smile:


My dear friend Marie

very good. I agreee. St Therese is a great saint, a patron of my country and one of my favourites.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I am 23. I live in the good ol’ U.S.


My dear friend

Only 23 yo. You have acquired good knowledge for your age. Well done. Knowledge is vital as the purpose of our existence is to know, love and serve God in this life and enjoy him in heaven later. But knowledge is the start as I’m sure you already know.

Long live the good ol US.

God bless you friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Good points. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich says it’s very evil to be complacent and to think you’ll be happy with a low place in Heaven. In all actuality, even making it into the lowest level of Heaven is not easy. You can never know how you stand with God while still on earth. Yes, there’s state of mortal sin and state of grace, but i’m talking about actual personal judgment, what level of Heaven you will attain, how many hours and of which kind of Purgatory you shall endure, etc.

Anne Catherine Emmerich lay on her death bed convinced she was worse than the Good Thief.


Good points too dear friend

i heard someone say the good thief was a thief to the end because he stole heaven. our Blessed Lord canonised him when he declared he was going to heaven too.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

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