Q1. Logos software: tablet or Kindle?


I want to start studying Scripture in-depth, and the Verbum/Logos program has been getting a lot of endorsements. Because of my financial situation, I won’t be doing anything for about a year, but want to ask if anybody has any experience with it, and whether they use a tablet or Kindle? I want something compact, so that I can take it anywhere, unlike a laptop. I have noted on the Logos website that the Kindle programmers aren’t very cooperative, but Amazon seems to make a good product otherwise.
Any opinions?


My daughter inherited a 1st gen Kindle Fire that I had. The Verbum app works fine on it.

If you have Amazon Prime, by all means get a Kindle. If you don’t then it’s just a matter of preference.

A regular tablet will give you the ability to have the latest Android version (The Kindle and the Nook won’t)


Thank you!

Uh, haven’t we met somewhere before? :wink:


I went through this a while ago and I decided to go with the iPad mini based upon what the majority of the people on this forum said and I have been very happy with it. I use the ‘Olive Tree’ app and have most of my Bible translations on it, which are all hyper linked to study Bible notes.


I find the “Olive Tree” app preferable on my smartphone. However, the Verbum package from Logos has a lot more Catholic resources than “OT”. I got a tablet, the Verbum basic package plus some extras and Olive Tree material for the same price than the iPad mini :p;)



I have Logos / Verbum and HAD a Nook to use it with. I wanted to be able to use Verbum at a Bible study or as a portable apologetics resource.

Unfortunately tablets do not support the full version of Logos / Verbum. They are basically glorified book readers. I could have 4 books open on the same screen, but there was no cross referencing or search features. I returned the Nook and, honestly, I’d return Verbum if I could - I haven’t used it in months despite the fact that I’m creating a 10 hour apologetics course for my diocese.

The free tutorial videos were not very helpful.


Yes, the tablet version of Verbum is significantly lacking in comparison to the computer version - where you can have several tabs opened at the same time and the “power lookup” - “search” option are really good.

I can’t wait for Logos to make a Linux version. Planning on getting a Chromebook and turn it into a Linux book and turn it into a “full” computer :smiley:


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