Q2. Building an e-library: suggestions?


This is the second of two questions. I am not enamored with technology, but I can see many benefits to having my theological library, mostly dealing with Sacred Scripture, on a few tablets or Kindles. Does anybody have any experience doing this, and what would you recommend as a long-term plan? I want my library on compact devices, not laptops, so that I can take them anyplace.
Thank you.


I have a vast e-library on my tablets and phones.

It depends on you budget.

I bought myself a Nook HD+ 32GB for like $149.00. The display is not that great but for that price I can’t complain much. What I liked, other than the price (lol), is that it has a MicroSD Card that I can use to expand. Which I did with a 32GB one. So I have 64GB.

The 1st thing I got was the Verbum Basic package, I did the monthly payments option and ate a little more Ramen noodles during that time :D. The thing I like about Verbum is that I can have it on my computers and my mobile devices. I have the whole library on my tablet and selective ones on my phone.

I also have (From my Protestant days :)) the Olive Tree Bible Software. They have the NABRE, the NRSV, the DR. I also have the popular Protestant translations and Study Notes and resources (Vine’s Englishman’s Concordance, Dictionaries, etc).

Yeah, I know - I am sucker for Bible stuff :D.

After that, you want to get Dropbox and Google Drive.

You can also use those apps with your computer. In fact, a computer is the best way to manage cloud services.

I print/save PDF format into my Google Drive folder from websites that have ECF’s, Vatican Documents, etc.

I download PDF/Other formats into Dropbox.

I also bought the CD from New Advent and the CD from Early Christian Writings and copied that content into the documents folder on my tablet.

I got the Kindle app from Amazon and have a pretty good e-book library as well.

You can also use a program called: Calibre to convert other book formats into Amazon Kindle.

Archive.org has a lot of resources you can download for free and legal.

From our parent website - Catholic.com - you can print/save into PDF all the good resources and articles they have. The same goes for EWTN.

Form the forums - if you go to the button that reads “Thread Tools” you can print/save into PDF thread that you want to keep.

If you like to post, Google drive lets you create Word documents that you can save and then just copy and paste in response of any Apologetics that you have an interest in. Trust me, you want to save them because every 6 months a Non-Catholic thinks he/she discovered a Church conspiracy and will come to post and inform the world :rolleyes:, lol.

I think that’s it. Feel free to ask if I missed something or you want to know more.

Good Luck!


Wow! That was more than I expected from a first reply!
Thank you, Jose!

I’m a sucker for scripture translations as well, so I feel your “pain”.:smiley:



You are most welcome!


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