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“for us Christians of Iraq , martyrdom is the charism of our Church, dating back more than 2 thousand years. As a minority, we are continually faced with the difficulties and sacrifices, but we are aware that, being a Christian is not an easy choice, being a Christian really means to incorporate in Christ to be His witnesses, and can mean coming to the end, “to martyrdom”. Martyrdom is not an ideology or a purpose as some people think, but it is a choice and a commitment. So martyrdom is a daily reality”

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May God grant many conversions through their witness, and may they all have eternal life with Him in heaven.

May God bless this great Church of the Martyrs!

Mar Shim’on Bar Sabba’e, pray for us!


The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church. One benefit of living in a period of persecution and martyrdom is that the faithful remain faithful and the weeds flee. Christ and the Church is not just taken for granted by the people like they are in many Western countries. :slight_smile:

Most holy Lady, Mother of God, alone most pure in soul and body, alone exceeding all perfection of purity . . . alone made in thy entirety the home of all the graces of the Most Holy Spirit, and hence exceeding beyond all compare even the angelic virtues in purity and sanctity of soul and body . . . my Lady most holy, all-pure, all-immaculate, all-stainless, all-undefiled, all-incorrupt, all-inviolate spotless robe of Him Who clothes Himself with light as with a garment . . . flower unfading, purple woven by God, alone most immaculate.” - St Ephrem

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Beautiful. Stuff like this is very interesting!


You’re very much welcome. God Bless you :slight_smile:

[quote=followingtheway]Beautiful. Stuff like this is very interesting!


Thank you. God Bless you :slight_smile:


One of my favorite titles of our Lady is that she is known in the tradition of the Church of the East as the Tree of Life!

From the Basilica Hymns:

**The daughter of man became the Tree of Life for the whole mortal race, for the Glorious Fruit which dawned from her pours forth and grants all benefits. Come, O mortals, let us be brought near to the sweetness of his words, and sing praise to him!
God bless,


Think of the Liturgy as the skeleton of the whole Qurobo Alohoye (Divine Offering). But the skeleton includes certain muscles (prayers). These prayers are standard and include prayers at the foot of the altar, prayers of forgiveness and incense prayers. The Anaphora adds missing prayers, such as the words of Institution, Epiclesis, other prayers of forgiveness and prayers for peace. Most of the standard prayers of the Liturgy are said before the Anaphora.

In the West Syriac Churches (Maronite, Syriac Catholic and Syro-Malankara) we use the Liturgy of St James the Just. Which is one of the oldest Liturgies in use today.

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Firstly, it is good to see all our Bishops get together (except for the Archbishop of Aleppo who could not come for security reasons, please pray). Wearing proper vestments (I can live with the Lace and the Mitre for now), and nearly all wearing their Eskime (monastic hoods). I will hope and pray that it goes well, and that some (ie Bishop Flavien Joseph Melki ) will advance the cause for a more traditional Syriac Liturgy, Spirituality and Theology to be espoused to the faithful.

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In the year AD 52, St.Thomas the Apostle of Jesus Christ, in order to fulfill his missionary purpose evangelized many parts of India. His works greatly laid an impact especially on the southwestern state of Kerala. As his legacy a small Christian community had formed and the local peoples begun to call them Nasranis or followers of Jesus of Nazareth. For centuries after the apostles death, the Christian community prospered and made a connection with Church of East (from whom which they received their bishops). The community began following the East Syriac Tradition and the Holy Qurbana of Mar Addai and Mari.

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I beleive they adopted some Nestorian or Arian dogmas- is that true:cool:

NO. The Portuguese made such unfounded accusations.

Many of you may or may not be aware that the heartland of Syriac Christianity was in an area in south Turkey called Tur Abdin (The Mountain of the Servants of God). Here, the ancient Syriac city of Nisibin still lives.

The Syriac Catholic population was literally whipped out during the genocide of the early 1910s perpetrated by the Ottoman Turkish Empire. What was once a thriving area with a few Eparchies completely vanished in a period of a few years.

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Praying for the restoration of property to your Church…


If anyone has been to a Syriac Liturgy. They would instantly notice the constant use of the word Barekhmor(ܒܰܪܶܟܡܳܪܝ) this word comes from two different Syriac words. The first is Barekh (ܒܰܪܶܟ), which means bless. And the second is Mor (ܡܳܪܝ), which is a Syriac title, best translated as lordship or lord.

Basically Barekhmor means: Bless O lord. Mor is often used as a title for Bishops and Saints. For Example: Mor Charbel.

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Certain saints in the Coptic Orthodox Church are referred to by the Syriac honorific, too, e.g., Mari Mina, Mari Gerges, Mari Morqos, etc. I’ve asked about this before, since it’s always those specific saints (nobody would say al-Qiddis Mina, or for that matter Mari Shenouda) and others, but apparently nobody knows for sure why this appellation has stuck to some and not others. At first, our priest told me that it was because Syriac was the common language of the near East, so St. George who was from Palestine is rightly referred to by that honorific. Then one of the deacons said “But Mari Morqos was from Libya, where they didn’t speak Syriac ever.” I still don’t know the story behind this.

Possibly the greatest political and religious force after the Resurrection of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ is Islam.

For centuries Catholics have been in a state of confusion on how the conversion of Muslims must take place. Crusades, trade, dialgue and education have not worked. Two points must be addressed for this conversion of hearts to take place. Firstly, an emphasis on Yoldath Aloho (Birth-Giver of God), Maryam; Secondly, a Semitic approach to Christianity that can only be found in the Syriac Churches.

Maryam and Islam
The Quran has many references to Our Lady. It describes her as being:

The Ever-Virgin
The greatest woman (even in heaven)

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I enjoyed reading that article very much, thank you.

I will continue to pray for the conversion of Muslims.

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