Q's about Eucharistic Adoration?


This has been my ‘thing’ for abt 8 yrs now. I was drawn to it, I find myself overwhelmed by the Real Presence. I find myself awed that the King of Kings would make himself present to us here on this earth. I find myself continuing to be drawn into His presence and majesty in prayer and reflection and moreover in thanksgiving.

Maybe you’ve read a blurb abt it in your bulletin and feel the call also. Maybe you’ve had the idea that you are unsure what you’d do there during that time. Maybe you’ve decided only ‘old people’ or religious do this. I know many thoughts crossed my mind when I was being called to this devotion. The primary one was “Oh my gosh, what would I talk to Jesus abt for an hour?” Another was “Can I really focus for that long?”

So to begin a dialogue that I hope finds interest to some, I’ll begin with that topic…One Hour of Adoration, Can I Really Do That?

Well maybe not at first. I am a busy mom of a toddler with a part-time business. You can look for a Perpetual Adoration chapel whichs affords a flexibility you will never want to be without again. We are lucky to have one here where I live. I began going once a month when my home parish had Adoration for vocations.

Often you will find, a group rosary taking place along with Benediction. I don’t know about you but I cannot see the Blessed Sacrament exposed and look away. It’s as if it pierces my heart and it’s almost like a love at first sight feeling. It takes my breath away. Okay so enough with that. If there is not a structure for your adoration, then you have to be more creative.

You might take a bible with you and read scripture until your mind can become still. Or a good book abt a subject that is speaking to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to prepare yourself. Sometimes I will recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, other times read.

Once I began frequenting the Perpetual Adoration chapel, I began going for 30-45 minutes. Some days I know I don’t have more than 15 min btwn errands but I hear Jesus calling to me during the day. It’s funny how you can make time when your heart is being called. It’s funny how when I think I have no time to respond, my day opens up by grace to allow me to visit Him. Listen to the Holy Spirit prompting you if He is calling to you to come and spend time with the King of Kings here on this earth. You will begin your heavenly journey right now, have peace you cannot believe. Don’t be scared or timid, the Spirit will help you and I believe each of us must learn, it is a process.

You may actually find that you long to be there b/c it is not of this earth. So I would like to know what your thoughts are if you’d like to share…It has been an honor and pleasure to spend time with our Lord, mainly b/c who am I that He would want me there? I am his princess thought sinner I am, who wouldn’t want unconditional love like that?

Well I guess that’s my invitation, and I’d love to discuss anything abt Adoration you’d like to…many blessings.


I like to spend an hour or more after weekday Mass. Began this in Lent 1980.
Sometimes I’m quiet, sometimes talk, sometimes sing to Him.
I sit near the tabernacle anyway during Mass. I figure if I could see Him ther’s no way I’d be anywhere but as near as possible. So I stay near as possible anyway.


I feel I have to point out that the same Lord is there even if ‘hidden’ in the Tabernacle. His Presence isn’t any more ‘Real’ when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed.

Our devotion to the Eucharistic Lord should never be dependent on being able to ‘see’ Him. The whole point of Transubstantiation is that we CAN’T see Him.

‘Sight, touch and taste in Thee are each deceived’


What the the procedures of Eucharistic Adoration. I have never done it, but would like to. Just not sure to sit, kneel, pray quielty. Please Advise. God Bless


First let me state, my faithfulness is not dependent upon seeing the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. It was a passing thought of emotion I had injected. I have had remarkable conversations with Him inside the tabernacle as well and continue to do so. It was good for the reminder to be added that His Presence is reserved always inside the tabernacle as well. I didn’t plan for this to be a debate but an opportunity for those who might be interested could gain some support. It is difficult for many to do this and I want to make it inviting. It is difficult to me to begin a devotion you are being called to. You want to participate but everyone doing it already seems so natural at it…there is often a place to begin but it has not been my experience that people help you from the beginning. And as respectful Christians, do not want to offend…so let us be helpful to those who have interest.

MKipp, as to the process, I myself enter and have adopted Our Lady Of Fatima prayer, “I adore you, I believe, I honor and I trust and I pray for those who do not adore, do not believe, do not honor, and do not trust in Thee.” Of course, you genuflect and greet the Lord. I tend to kneel myself first, to offer my own thanksgiving…if you want to pray the rosary then you might want to do that. Then I often adopt a conversation period of time where I sit and just talk to the Lord as though he were right with me b/c he is. I tell him things that are heavy on my mind, and most importantly I try to sit and listen and feel the response. You may find you don’t feel anything, but it is like any new relationship…you begin slowly. I’ve gone there with my sick or grumpy child for short periods (not exposing anyone to sickness mind you) and she has always benefited in humor after our visits.

Now I have learned my own process and there is nothing set in stone…so you might consult some booklets on add’l ideas.

So I guess I would suggest you start small and don’t be shy, if He is calling to you and giving you the desire it is because He wants to be with you also and for you to share in His Presence. He is lonely for our company, He loves us so much He gave himself for us. So feel it out, but let me pray courage for you to follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Find a place that will suit your schedule and time allotment.

I have often taken a bible or favorite psalm. You could also take the daily mass readings and meditate on them and after short periods of times, you will gain comfort and confidence and I know your life will benefit no doubt!! MKipp my prayers for you because while you are there and each day after that when you go, your soul will be enriched and expanded and the things you need will come to you. Wendy


I just got back from Adoration. I only stayed 30 min or so and recited the rosary with some other ladies there. I pondered that this thread was too elemental, but I have new resolve that it is not.

If you’ve ever thought this is something you want to begin doing even only when you can, I want to be helpful.

In line with that thought, I will pass on something else that is helpful especially I think to elderly or those who are homebound for some reason. There is an online Presence that is available 24 hrs/day. Now intially I wasn’t too sure abt this and it was hard at first. But once I had done it a couple of times it was so amazing. I did it prayerfully in my own home, and while I’m not elderly or homebound…we were doing a remodel that kept me around the house more than I wanted to be…so often when my child was napping I would opt to pray this way.


This is just beautiful to have at your disposal. The Pope encourages us to use the internet wisely and how awesome to be able to glorify God in this way.


Dear wgholland,

I started adoration a year ago last lent. I kept this up for several months, once week for 90 mins. in the evening. Our parish at the time had only that evening for adoration, and the 90mins was very unstructured. Anyway, I would usuly read evening prayers and divine mercy and various other devotions, always would leave about a half hour or so for listening or less formal prayer. I would also say that I would try to “just talk” to our Lord, but that was difficult. I now live in a new town and I think we’ve found our new parish home, they have more adoration available, but I am just now starting to feel like I’ve got enough energy to start up again.

My question is this, Is it normal to experience nothing during adoration for so long? Maybe I should modify that stament a little. For most of those several months, the time I would spend quietly seemed to be aperiod of non-communication. I am not and was not looking for fireworks or anything, but I seemed to be having a very dry time of it. One of the reasons I’ve been hesitateing about starting up again, is that I don’t know if I am ready to exert myself to the effort, if you know what I mean. I in no way am trying to be disrespectful to our Lord. He may do with me as He pleases. I was just wondering if this much difficulty is a normal thing and could you please share some advice?



Most of the saints endured dark periods. The key is perseverance. It’s a very selfless act to spend time with the Lord out of love for Him rather than because you get something tangible in return. The Lord will reward your perseverance!

Pax Christi


I simply sit quietly and look at the sacred host. I feel it is a contemplative experience. I try to remain open to the presence. I don’t find it necessary to read, talk, busy myself somehow, or recite.



I love Adoration… I’m becoming Catholic on Easter so I can’t receive the Eucharist yet, and this is really the next best thing. I find myself longing for Adoration often. I find that really interesting because when I’m there, I don’t always feel anything. But I’m always drawn back. I’ve realized over time that it’s not about feelings… it’s just being there with Him. For Him, even. He’s in the Eucharist for our sake but often so alone!! When I’m at Adoration I find it difficult to look away too and I feel sad when I do.
It’s just amazing how much He loves us! That He would not only become a human being and die for us, but even go further, that He would become our food… that He would hide His glory and take the appearance of bread, for our sake!

So that’s some of my thoughts about Adoration :slight_smile:

my problem though is that I don’t always know what to do there after a while lol. I eventually end up just being silent before Jesus and listen to Him, and just being there with Him. Actually now that I think about it, I don’t think that’s a problem :slight_smile: but…sometimes it’s like I don’t know what to do there anymore, but I don’t want to leave. lol!


btw, here are some great quotes about the Eucharist and about Adoration! Many of them are by the Saints :slight_smile:


one of my favourite quotes is by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. He said… “the greatest love story of all time is contained in a tiny white Host.”



What do you guys think about focusing on Mary and asking for her intercession during Exposition of the Blessed sacrament? Of course it is meditation and intercession on the mysteries of Christ. However, do you think this may cloud some hearts from hearing Christ speak directly to them? Or maybe could it just be a tool to come to a calm in your spirit and in your mind so that you may one again be quiet and listen to the Lord?

I recently had a troubled heart about the fact that people would go up, kneel before the blessed sacrament in the Monstrance, and pray the rosary. I know it is not my place to judge, but as a community, which i ask you all, what does your heart say about this? I think… I don’t know, but I think that maybe a rosary could be said before a Holy Hour with Jesus. Or Maybe not, because the Mother and Jesus’ heart are basically one, right? So where Jesus is, the mother may not be physically but spiritually present with him?

I am no theologian, and i am still learning my faith as i have only been fervent about this for a few years now, but what do you think?

On a side note, i was reading a book by a Jesuit Mark Thibodeaux about contemplative prayer, the prayer of ‘being with God’. And it was quite enlightening on the fact that a goal we should all reach is the act of being with God.

Here is an analogy: Think of Grandma Sally and Grandpa Joseph sitting on a porch in a nice spring day, both in rocking chairs, both just sitting there looking out at nothing, not thinking about much at all, just enjoying each others presence.

I think in the same way, we can call to mind the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’ which you can say ’ I am with you’ or you can just be with them, without saying I am with you, it means no difference. In the end we are with each other, unified in peace, because we are One Body in Christ, when we look at that Eucharist on the Altar in the Monstrance, we can call to mind the fact that we are one with that Body and so are all the people of God around the world.

That is just what puts peace in my heart sometimes =)

I hope that God may bless all of your minds and hearts, and hope that he can help clarify my own troubles with this fear of diversion of the Presence…

Vivat Jesu


Well first of all let me say wow, blessings to each of you for your honor and adoration and trust and belief in our Lord in the Real Presence.

I am so encouraged to hear from so many of you.

As a small servant of the Lord, let me ponder what you have discussed so that I may accurately reply.

I think as someone mentioned I used to find the recitation of the rosary almost as an insult to the time spent in Adoration. I mentioned the other day that I jumped into the chapel for a conversation, I thought, however, I was included in a rosary. Well that wasn’t really how I wanted to spend my time with our Lord. However, I have learned that the Lord has diff plans and he knows the needs of us as a people. We are called to spend time I believe, and I am no theologian either…just have some learned experience here…with our Lord.

The calling is one thing, to hear the Holy Spirit urging us, to hear our Lord calling to us…important to answer Yes I will serve…think of Mary’s yes. Sometimes reflecting on Mary can help to instruct us as to how to carry ourselves into His presence. Sometimes there is action to be done. I have found myself numerous times feeling called to be there, showing up and then some task was given to me. I mean really they needed my help somewhere in and around the chapel. It was only afterwards that I saw, “Ah, Jesus had request of me in His presence for this today…” And it can be that as we learn to have that openness and trust of Him, that we become more responsive to Him on a more continued basis after we leave.

I too have this longing before I even leave, that I don’t want it to end. However, on more than one occasion as I left, I hear “I am with you”. He knows my heart’s desire to not be without him.

So my brothers and sisters, take heart that it is a relationship that takes time. Also remember this most importantly, if He’s spoken to your soul to beckon you to keep him company please know that doesn’t happen to everyone. It’s taken me 8 yrs and thinking everyone does this. But no not everyone is called to the same devotion or minisitry. So when I try to explain it to others often, I can’t even communicate it adequately.

I have definitely gone, especially when I just went once/month, and I wondered what am I doing and why? Was I getting anything out of this?? And that did persist, but well into my second and third year (I know a long time huh? God’s time! lol) did I have this burning desire that I don’t care what I get it’s what can I give. So with the sitch in the world today, given the onslaught of blasphemy against our Lord, our Mother Mary, and the Eucharist itself…don’t you think there is plenty to pray for?

So let me encourage you to continue as you can and when you can to glorify Him in the Blessed Sacrament. You may wonder why, but know there is a reason. You are called to be His instrument for prayer and sacrifice for others as well.

I had this little vision once of the world as a dark sphere against a heavenly light backgrd…and connecting these two were little streams of light. And zooming in I could see these were to each of us praying for the redemption of the world. There is much to be done on our Lord’s behalf.

And we can only know as someone said btwn you and God what is going on. Relationships take time to develop, imagine if you will you only spoke to your betrothed once/month…how long would it take to develop a sense of knowing one another?? So have patience with yourself, our Jesus understand and loves each of us immensely, so great is His love that He makes himself available to us each and every day all over the world!!! Wow!!! What an awesome God we have!

I hope some of this may renew in your hearts a sense of urgency and of work to be done really. Think of this too…70% of Catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence. That is mind-boggling to me. So out of the 30% that do, you may be a key piece of praying for those who are not really in communion with the Church as well.

This was longer than I had planned so hopefully the Holy Spirit is with me in this treatise. Have a good evening and Blessed Passover!!! Wendy


Dear Adorers-to-be,
I used to love going to the Chapel when I was a kid at Catholic school, especially if the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. It was a peace that simple was nowhere else! And, a satisfaction when leaving the Chapel that stayed with me for a while.
After that, I never really lived near an Adoration Chapel, until about 2 yrs. ago. I read a small note on the church bulletin that they needed adorers to commit to a holy hour a week and called to see what hours they needed volunteers for.

For my first commitment of a holy hour, Saturday at noon, as I entered the Chapel, I knelt down by the aisle and then at the pew for a short “greeting” prayer. Then, I sat to pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I noticed a binder with prayers, and prayed a few from those as well for about an hour.

Then, I just stared…directly…and felt a warmth and a joy that I couldn’t explain. Suddenly, I noticed that everyone had left the Chapel. I didn’t even notice when they left. I talked to Jesus for a while. Sometimes, I was quiet, just being there in peace. I was in a sort of “time loop”…but then I looked at my watch and apparently the adorer for 1pm did not show up…it was 2pm. I prayed some more, then, talked some more, then listened…

I felt as if a magnet was attracting me to go kneel right in front of the monstrance. I’m the type that sits at the back of every church…the very back…always! I just prefer it that way. So, I was very reluctant to go to the very front and kneel just about 3 ft away from Jesus. I’m too shy for that! However, hard as I tried to resist…when a magnet pulls… It was SO wonderful, it felt like the rays of the Sun. It was almost overwhelming too! Intellectually, I know it is the same presence at the back than at the front, but I tell you it felt almost overpowering!

No one showed up until 3pm…I knelt at the pew and by the aisle for a short “good bye” and left with a wonderful feeling-- like being in love.

Though I didn’t call anyone nor said anything to anyone, I got a message saying that it was extremely unusual for this to happen,[the coordinator noticed the gap in the log], that I should have called and someone else would have come. Frankly, I enjoyed it SO much that I was glad! I felt a little selfish having Him all to myself for that long! That has never happened again in 2 yrs. I thought to myself, He must enjoy my company as much as I enjoy His! ~lol]

It is no different than with other relationships, no two meetings are ever the same. You go with a little structure, [prayers you would like to say & some reading - Bible or a religious book/magazine], and an open mind…because a relationship involves both people. It’s not just one person with a “script” …it is a dialogue between 2 people who know each other SO well that words aren’t needed; they anticipate what the other will say & remain quiet.

I now also have another holy hour…but besides those, I try to go every day for at least 1 hr. Sometimes, if I can, I stay for 2. My problem is that time flies and I don’t have enough time to do all I want [pray, talk, meditate, read] Every time, I pray the Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet, besides a few other prayers in the binder. I also typically read at least a Psalm. In between, I gaze at Him, to talk, to just 'be there" with Him. Usually, I get to a point that I don’t even notice people, [when they come in or when they leave], or time…

Even with all this time I spend at the Chapel, I still sometimes feel Him calling me, as when I’m driving the kids somewhere. I just wish there were more time in life, to spend more time with Him!


Oh I am so glad to hear that you have that same ‘lost’ dimension when you are in His Presence.

You are right abt feeling a little selfish to have Him to yourself. I often feel that way. Sometimes I am planning to leaave but no one has shown up yet, and out of respect and love I do not want Him to be alone. So I await the next person. I will not leave Him alone.

It is funny that throughout my day I will hear “You can come see Me.” as I run down my list of to-do’s in my head. Some days when I have said “Uh maybe not today.” I find myself with extra time I didn’t realize I had and so I honor Him b/c I think He did make it happen.

Very, very good sharing…thank you so much!!!

See I’m concerned that people of a younger age 20-50 will think, I only see older people and not approach or come when called. But I began this in my mid-thirties. I did feel out of place and unsure b/c I just knew I needed to be there and I was VERY uncertain as to how to pursue it. What I could read pointed to the beauty but not of the ‘how to’ and I’m a ‘how-to’ girl…if I don’t feel comfortable I will shy away from something even though I am a confident woman. Idk why that is?

So when I see someone new, I try to offer them some gesture to show hospitality to them b/c maybe they are visiting or have someone sick but they are there and to be there is a serious matter. Imagine to come to see the King!!! Ah!! How awesome!!!

I know we’ve talked abt Perpetual Adoration along with taking 1 holy hr /month. But I want to reiterate for those who cannot get there but would love to…this link


This is perpetual adoration online. I know!! Don’t think it’s crazy, use it as a tool to assist your calling. Maybe take it to someone who used to be deep into adoration but can no longer get there. Maybe you just don’t feel you have the time…but if you have a computer you can have His Holy Presence as long as you want it!!! OH my friends this is truly so awesome. You can run around that site and read abt it if you wish. But He is there and ever present for us!!! Some hectic days, I do just pull up a low-bandwidth picture to keep on my monitor. Beautiful.

And Sunflower has given a similar outline of a ‘process’ that I have adopted as well. I genuflect with a short ‘greeting’, offer thanksgiving and blessing to our Lord, say a rosary or chaplet, sit for some conversation, often have a prayer time for those intentions of Jesus and our Holy Father (which I’m never quite sure of) along with my own or friends…then I say the same prayer and often end with “Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Lord of Lords thank you for this time with you.” Sometimes less praying and more conversation occurs, no one is outlining your time except Jesus if you will let Him. Plus you might open yourself to the guidance of our Holy Mother who has gently guided my hands to a more correct prayer position as well as my whole body to bow before our King. Good mothers continue to correct and guide and ours is extreme. She is constantly working to bring us to her Son!

Two masses to sing at for Palm Sunday so better run!!!


I wish I could go to Adoration more. I go to a Catholic school, and we have a chapel which the moms come and pray all during the day. I’m not sure if we are allowed to go in there without a class…I think we should be able to go during recess or lunch. We have a Perpetual Adoration chapel in our town too, and I would go more, but I can’t drive. I love Adoration. With my busy life, I like to just go in there and stop all the things going on for a little while and be with Jesus.



I think there’s nothing wrong with this! :slight_smile:

Our Lady is present wherever the Eucharist is… she’s always near her Son… and her prayers are so powerful. For example, you can ask her to help you love Jesus and she will bring you closer to Him :slight_smile: pray with trust…

Mary leads us to Jesus, there is no competition between them.

this is a beautiful post! :slight_smile:


Jeanne, I know myself and I think some others mentioned that when we were at a Catholic school we spent recess in conversation with our Lord, even if the Blessed Sacrament was not exposed but inside the tabernacle.

If He is calling to your soul, then ask someone at the school. I know at my Catholic high school we had a modular system (sort of like college) and that allowed time in 20 min blocks often for study, maybe you can ask… never hurts to ask. They may be willing to grant you time for useful pursuit.

Also take note of the link I posted above as a source for adoration, you obviously have some access to a computer so that is a good way to spend some time with Jesus as well. Cultivate what you can given your limitations…He is calling you too.

My heart aches for our Lord and Savior who gave himself for us and yet not 100% believe in the body and blood of our Divine Lord. I was just at a packed mass and I just ponder that in awe as to how to get through, so I offer my communion for them, those who do not believe in His Holy and Real Presence.

Here is the Fatima prayer given to the three shephard children by the Angel of Peace. “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee. I ask Thee forgiveness for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love Thee.”


"Nothing is more pleasing to God than unshaken faith and confidence in the midst of darkness. Make a great practice of acts of confidence even when you feel nothing. It is just in these moments of dryness and darkness that these acts are most meritorious."
Blessed Columba Marmion

This was in my inbox from Women of Grace Lines April 2…thought it might be encouraging for all of us in some way.

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