Do we have any Quakers here?

For the most part, Quakers do not use electronic gadgets of any kind, so not very likely.
You might run into a Mennonite, they allow phones.

You are thinking of the Amish not Quakers, there are no restrictions for Quakers with regards to electronic items. I have know a few and some would say we overly rely on them and over use them to the point of self-distraction but they are not banned from using them in any way.

There are not a huge number of Quakers (or members of the Society of Friends to be more accurate) and that is probably why we don’t run into them often here. I considered joining it at one point as I live near their London Headquarters and there is a lot of respect for them in Ireland where there are several memorials to them and they are held in very high regard indeed.

At one time (a couple years ago maybe) there were a couple of Quakers that were posting here. Haven’t noticed either of them in quite some time.

The poster Publisher was a Quaker, but I see he has since been banned.
Missing the old days of CAF…:frowning:

I remember Publisher had no idea that he was banned.

I learned a lot from Publisher and greatly appreciated his contribution.

I didn’t know he was banned, either. :frowning:

Hello ASD. I sometimes join the Quakers for their Meeting for Worship. I identify strongly with their stand on anti-violence, and I appreciate their silent way of worship.

I went to a Quaker school. The Quakers I know are kind, gentle human beings.

Quakers have never had more than a small presence in Ireland where I come from, however their heroic efforts during the Great Hunger and the many deaths they suffered mean they are very highly regarded. Many of them contracted typhoid and other illnesses working with the starving and dying and became victims themselves. Also since they did not try and use Evangelism as a bargaining chip with their charitable efforts to persuade Catholics to recent their faith as some others did their memory was never tainted by that I considered joining them when I became a Christian again as I admired the ethos they operated by but ultimately found there were some essential areas we differed on.

My mum just found a distant relative of ours was a “shaker saint” and was converted by George Fox himself (the founder). I wondered if any of the shakers here had heard of her - Loveday Hambly.


Me too. He was a good source of information and a friend (no pun intended).

I once taught in a Quaker school and learned quite a bit about the Society of Friends. I even attended the Quaker Meeting for Worship.

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