Qualities you like in your spouse


What qualities do you like in your spouse? (not things they do, but qualities they possess)

My dh is hard working (building a new deck) and likes to have fun. —KCT


That he’s gone. :smiley:


Extremely intelligent
Gives good, reasoned advice
Looks for the best in people
Good developer of people who worked for him so that their careers advanced
Ability to dissect a problem and find a solution
Good father


very strong and honest, and can also take others’ absolute honesty

gentle, patient, calm, a good father

profoundly spiritual and an amazing Orthodox Christian, although he doesn’t know it yet :wink:


Deep voice (When we were 15, and he called the house for clarification on a homework assignment, Mom thought he was a teacher.)
Problem solver
Great cook!! :smiley:

There’s more, but I’ll spare everyone all the details. :slight_smile:


Very funny, make me laugh constantly. (Although his humor could be very annoying to some)

He is very protective of me and the kids. Makes me feel extra-special.

Deep voice, has been asked repeatedly if he would be interested in a radio career


strong character
quick wit
devoted Catholic

the list goes on…


My DH is a…
devout orthodox Catholic
a fantastic father who is very close to all four of our children
a good son to his parents
a good brother to his sister
great as a handyman
always keeps our cars running well
good with money
a wonderful lover who is my best friend and who can make me laugh like crazy;)


Great father

He shows me always trust and respect… I guess the qualites would be trusting and respectful of his wife (oh, hey, that’s me! :smiley: )

He has a strong conscience

His patience (hey, he’s been putting up with me, hasn’t he :smiley: )

  • love God and love people.


*]kind, sensitive to others
*]consciencous, meticulous worker -never starts something he’s not going to finish and never does things shabbily. If he’s going to do it he’s going to do it right.
*]orthodox Catholic
*]supportive, encouraging
*]wonderful with children
*]amazing ability for learning new skills
*]great listener
*]unselfish, sacrificing[/LIST]etc…:love:


that he is on his way home tonight
that my floors will finally get done right when he gets here, the weeds will be tackled, and all the other repairs and chores that have been piling up.
that I will have fresh ice tea made every night when I get home, instead of having to make it myself.
that my bed will be turned down when I come home after the catechist convocation next Sunday exhausted beyond belief.




ok i exaggerate some… but i feel that way alot


-EXCELLENT sense of humor
-manages finances responsibly
-when he decides to do something, he does it all the way
-strong conscience
-strong Catholic:D


*]Extremely witty and sarcastic
*]Great father to our son
*]great cook


My Sweet Girl has a heart of gold.


He’s funny, smart, fun to be with, a good dad, willing to change diapers, handsome, a hard worker, a great friend, honest, loving, fun to annoy, appreciative, generous, and he had good enough taste to pick me. :smiley:


**The one that sticks out most to me is how great of a dad he is! He has truly stepped up and done things that most men don’t even know have to be done, nevermind actually do them, lol.


Very devoted to us as a family

Loves God and the Catholic faith and is always open to learning and growing

Extremely funny (sometimes on purpose;))

Generous and giving




Extremely patient
Cannot stay angry for more than one minute (literally; sometimes to my annoyance because I tend to get worked up for awhile)


The man COOKS !!! Every day (well, almost)!!!:smiley:

But we both need to lose weight…


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