Quality Control Appointment


Congratulations are in order for me. CAF has approached me to fill a much needed position as Quality Control Officer. (QCO)
I will be ensuring and encouraging members to aim for quality over quantity. Of course I will lead by example as well. We can start by making this thread a quality thread. Jokes will be kept to a minimum as we get back on track serious-wise. Serious Catholics making serious quality posts! What more can you ask for!



Just having this while I wait for the serious replies to start rolling in. Have some, Ron. :wink:



I have a very serious post.

That cat is adorable!! :heart_eyes_cat:


Where’s your badge?


I’m working undercover mostly so wont need one.


At the meeting I attended, it was suggested to me that having the word "catholic" in every post we made would ensure quality. In this way we are promoting Catholicism. (Catholicism can also be used)
Fortunately for me ,members whose username includes that word, will be exempt.


I am a serious Catholic.
I am a serious Catholic.
I am a serious Catholic.
I am a serious Catholic.
I am a serious Catholic.

A Serious Catholic

Serious enough?


That’s what we’re looking for! promotion of the word “catholic”. We need this new evangelisation to catch on, in the vein of “word on fire”!


:thinking: Perhaps I should have been IrishCatholicMom2…


Congratulations, @goodcatholic! I can think of no one better to fill that position.

They have approached me to lead the Disaster Recovery Team but we’re still negotiating salary and benefits. It is a very demanding position.

If I accept, I wonder if we could perhaps collaborate.


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