Quamdiu / usquoque

Hello all,

Does anyone know where ‘Quamdiu, Domine…’ comes from?
As far as I can see, Psalm 12 (13) is ‘Usquequo, Domine…’

Is it ‘Quamdiu Domine’ in a text of the Sacred Liturgy but not the actual Scripture?


It could be part of the Vetus Latina, which existed before St. Jerome’s Vulgate.


Thanks, Catholig.

(I suppose this is a fairly obscure question that would need some sort of Latin expert to answer it fully.)

Try Augustine in Contra Gaudentium Donatistarum episcopum, I, in paraphrase of Rev. 6:10 as he received that text.

I would guess that, or any of several other Latin Psalters (the only ones I have easy access to are the Gallican (I presume) (usquequo) and the Pian (quousque).

Not a Latin expert, in spite of all his wishing

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