Quantum Healing?


Okay, I know there have been numerous threads on here about Reiki, but I see nothing about quantum healing? Has anyone heard of this? It sounds suspiciously like Reiki to me. A friend of mine is going to a quantum healer. She sounds sceptical of Reiki–or maybe it’s because it has been outright condemned, but she says this isn’t the same because they don’t put their hands on you. She also mentioned knowing several people it’s helped. I said, many people claim to have been helped by reiki too, but I wouldn’t do either type of “healing” because it was too new agey. I can’t find any articles from a Catholic perspective, so if you know of any I’d appreciate a link. Thanks.


If I am not mistaken, you are talking about Quantum Touch (that is the name given that I am familiar with and it has a registered trademark)
I myself have not come up with any articles written about it from a Christian or Catholic perspective. I have however, come to my own conclusions that it doesnt sit right with me anymore. I have taken QUantum Touch and Reiki (2nd degree) and although they both claim to fit with any religious or spirtual beliefs, I had to give them up. Mainly because of the controversy and the fact that there is no standardization among Reiki Practitioners and many of the practitioners I know are practising many other things as well (which have nothing to do with Reiki) The same is true for Quantum Touch. Many practitioners combine it with other things giving the consumer the impression that Quantum TOuch and Reiki are something they are not. To protect my clients, I tell them I no longer practise Reiki or Quantum Touch, however I do offer to pray with them, while putting my hands on them. I am honest and tell them that I am Christian and just on the road to rediscovering part of who I am. I was baptized Catholic, but not raised in any faith, after being adopted at 15 mons. I recently began going to a Catholic church because I took an elderly lady who had no way to get there. I found a richness that couldnt compare with any other church I had been to. I started going to various church in my twenties and am now 42.

Since I put my total faith in Jesus as my lord…I havent been able to go back to Reiki or Quantum Touch…but I simply call what I do,hands-on -healing…ALthough I am not the healer…I tell people that any healing that occurs, I give full credit to God…

I was afraid I’d somehow lose something by giving up Reiki and Quantum Touch…but actually…I have found that not only have I changed, but my clients notice the differernce in the sessions too.

I know that doesnt answer your question…but mabe it sheds light on things a little


Thanks so much. I’ve also looked on-line and been to several sites that debunk new ageism. They pretty much equate it with Reiki, but my friend claimed that they didn’t touch you, and that since the person doing it was Christian it was okay. I just said I didn’t buy into any of that. Anyway, it looks like it’s just making its way into Catholic circles. I’m sure we’ll hear more later.


Oh yeah…one more thing…whether there is physical contact or not to me is irrelevant.
THis person you are talking about sounds mixed up or like I said (there is a serious problem with lack of standardization) Reiki can be done hands off and hands-on and distance healing. Quantum TOuch is done hands on and can also be done distance healing.

I have never heard of Quantum Healing but the person may mean Quantum TOuch
see www.quantumtouch.com for more info

It seems to me that all the hands-on healing modalities would be acceptable to me personally since I incite Jesus in prayer and God’s presence in the session. The problem I have is that I feel that it is not in my client’s best interest to call something I am doing Reiki or Quantum TOuch or whatever since there is no standardization and this leaves the public very confused about what it really is.
I know some Reiki practitioners who tell their clients they use Reiki, but are combining it with numerous other things that have nothing to do with Reiki. This leaves the client with the impression that what they are getting is Reiki, when in fact, they are getting a myriad of things.

ps many different cultures have different forms of hands-on healing, but I feel it comes from the same source-God-if we are in fact, looking out for the best interests of the clients and asking God to come into the session…however…
since I am Christian…it makes sense to me to not follow what doesnt feel right to me.
That isnt to say it others are not doing GOd’s work.
We must remember however, that it is Gods will that happens in the session-not ours and that the body has its own intelligence and will use the hands-on healing for GOd’s purpose


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