Quantum of Solace: is evil Mr. Greene Al Gore?

I’m watching the Bond flick, “Quantum of Solace” on TV. One review noted, “Mathieu Amalric…stars as Bond’s nemesis, Dominic Greene. Greene uses his philanthropic environmentalism as a cover to scoop up natural resources in the Third World in the hope of turning a massive profit by monopolizing their usage.”

I couldn’t help but think of the highly-honored environmentalist and crypto-oil baron, Al Gore. Al Gore is a major player in Occidental Petroleum, inherited from his senator-father after he got a piece of Occidental for getting Joseph Stalin’s financier, Armand Hammer, off of a charge of treason against the USA. Al Gore’s Occidental Petroleum “won” the bid for the Teapot-Dome-related Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserves in California, sold by Clinton to “balance the budget.” Art imitating life?

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