Quebec School Forces Fourth Graders to Write About Oral Sex


By John JalsevacMONTREAL, Quebec, May 18, 2007 ( - As a punishment for teasing a fellow classmate, the principal of a Quebec school required four students to write a ten line essay on oral sex, or “fellatio”. The four students, aged 9, allegedly used references to oral sex when…

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What ever happened to schools teaching reading, writing and arithmetic? I firmly believe that it is the FULL responsibility of the parents to teach their children about human sexuality. We live in a highly sexualized culture where little attention is paid to what messages children are recieving. And, I find it very sad and disturbing that children so young already so desensitized and sexualized. We homeschool in part because of the immorality in the schools. There have been incidents of ELEMENTARY school students performing oral sex on the school bus ( and we live in a very well respected area not the inner city ) - and aside from some ‘shock’ and 'I cant believe it ’ comments-nothing is done. I think that both parents and schools need to wake up to what our culture is feeding our children and the extremely negative impact it is having on them. ( My 2 cents worth, anyway! ) Peace and Christs Blessing,s Cheryl



When I was five I received a block of wood upon which was written a name I had called another student at the school; I had to sand the permanent marker off. This is no different. If fourth graders are going to use these terms, they’d better know what they’re saying; and ten lines is not an essay. Invective is best used with full knowledge of what it means – if not, it’s not invective but ineffective.

The headline is completely misleading. This was a punishment for students who had taunted another by referencing fellatio, and is a just punishment.



The parents should have been contacted and the situation addressed with the involvement of the parents. It is not the place of the principle to teach the students about oral sex or the ‘proper’ language involving oral sex but, the responsibility of the parents. Sanding wood and recieving an assignment discribing oral sex are 2 completely different things. Writing an essay on the harm bullying does, writing an essay on why bullying is dangerous is an acceptable form of punishment. Writing ( regardless of how many lines ) about the definition of oral sex and what is oral sex etc. is NOT, I repeat NOT appropriate or acceptable punishment for a 4 th grade principle to assign. And, because they children were chronic bulliers their parents most certainly should have contacted and involved- especially becuase of the nature of the taunting. Peace and Christs Blessings, Cheryl



The kids in question were already using those terms, however inappropriate you may consider them. To require them to write a few lines on words they have already used to hurt another is no unjust punishment; rather, I’d applaud the teacher for fitting the penalty to the crime, as the principal did for me when I was in kindergarten.

I agree that the parents should have been involved; however, considering the children in question were chronic bullies I’d say it’s likely they have been contacted and nothing has been done.



Who is ultimately responsible for a childs sex-ed- the parents or the school. We are talking about elementary school children. A principle requiring a 4th grader ( 10 year olds ) to write and essay about oral sex is completely and totally inappropriate, to say the least. This is NOT discipline this is irrisponsible and inappropriate behavior on the part of the principle. It is the responsibility of the parent to address the context in which the language was used and address whether these children even knew what they were saying. Instead the priniciple used this as an opportunity to futher sexualize the kids. The issue was bullying and inappropriate sexual language in school. The issue is that neither the bullying or the language should have been tolerated. The parents should have been IMMEDIATELY brought in and the content of the situation addressed with the parents. And, obviously if the bullying hasn’t stopped then neither the school nor the parents are doing what they should have. Obviously, if these kids were chronic bulliers then they should have been removed from school with at least a suspension. Peace and Christs Blessings, Cheryl



Maybe those bully kids have been sexually abused or neglected by their parents/someone, I think the school ought to have involved the parents and called in social services to check the home environment. Those parents ought to be the ones doing that punishment IMHO.



While they should not have been punished in this manner they definitely should have been disciplined for the teasing. It is time to bring some peace between the warring parties.



I would be curious to know where the kids heard the terms they used in the first place.
And BTW, if you ask me, the punishment fit the crime.



wow. i didn’t know hwat oral sex was until fourth year high school



I agree totally with you, 10 lines is not an essay and the eacher did not require the kids to research the word, but rather challenged them to describe their understanding of the word, where they learned this word and how they came to learn it.

Also to your second point, I beleive in the article, that the parent’s have been previously contacted about their children’s bullying and it has not had an effect on the bullies.



From the related thread, which gives a little more background:

Wow. Just wow.

I agree that it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach sex ed. And if my kid would ever be caught saying these things – to anyone – I would like to have the answers to the questions that the principal posed. And I would be thankful to the administrator for bringing this to my attention.

It’s not as if these 10-line ‘essays’ are being posted in the local editorial section. These assignments are between the educators, the parents, and the kids. I think that’s the best course of action.

Perhaps the principal has contacted the parents about previous behavior to no avail. It’s too bad that the educator may feel like he has to shame the parents into parenting.

I’m particularly interested to know if one of these kids said they learned it from a song, television, a movie, or – heaven forbid – his parents.



My niece is a school teacher. Last year one of the students used an obscenity in class.
She tore into him
Not for using the word per se but for using it ungrammatically

She said that if he couldn’t use it correctly he had no business using it at all.

Problem solved

I think that is what the teacher in Quebec might have had in mind


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