Quebec: State Mandated Multiculturalsim

QUEBEC CITY, Quebec, December 16, 2009 ( - The Sovereigntist Parti Quebecois, the opposition party for the province, is calling for a major revision of Quebec’s new Ethics and Religious Culture program (ERC), following the release of a new study lambasting the highly-controverted state-mandated curriculum.

Minister of Education Michelle Courchesne has indicated she has no intention of reopening the debate, however.

The new curriculum, mandated by the Quebec Ministry of Education as of September 2008, has sparked a loud outcry from numerous sectors of the province, including secularists, nationalists, and religious believers. Spanning grades 1 to 11, the relativist course aims to promote an “absolute respect” (as one course developer described it) for the spectrum of religions and ethical choices. It replaced a previous religious education program that allowed parents to choose between a Catholic, Protestant, or secular curriculum…

VERY scary…VERY sad:(

“This is not a course in religious culture. It is a course in multiculturalism,” said the new study’s author, Joelle Querin, a sociologist and researcher who works with the Institut de recherche sur le Québec (Institute of Research on Quebec). “All conceptions of life are considered valid,” she says.

“As parents seek to inculcate certain values to their children of six to eight years of age,” she says further, “[the children] learn in school that these values are relative and that they are free to develop their own ethical life.”

So, if a kid develops a belief in Nazi doctrine that includes white supremacy and the destruction of Jews, I’m assuming that the Province will consider that legitimate?

Or is their “culture” not that “multi”?

The problem with multiculturalism is that not all cultures and religions are equal in value. As long as a culture \become reduced to a folk dance or an ethnic dish, there is no problem. On the other hand, cultures bring with them ideas like sharia and castes which are antithetical to the kind of society that spawned such ideas as multiculturalism in the first place.

It is a politically correct pretense that forces us to believe that all cultures and all religions are equally adept at enhancing the values of the modern western state. The cousin-marrying culture of backwater of rural Pakistan that is now gaining a foothold in Britain for instance, and recreating the Pakistani village on English soil makes for a ridiculous fit to the demands of modern life. It is helping no one, least of all the Pakistani-British to pretend that their culture will lead to any kind of success in larger British society.

Multiculturalism creates ghettoes.

Oh my goodness, this is heresy according to multicultural dogma, which asserts that all values are equally meaningless, except, perhaps, toleration (as long as toleration of Christian religious values is highly restricted.)

i started to laugh, then realized how scary and true it is

The underlined part tells me all I need to know. In other words “What you teach your kids is meaningless. The only thing that matters is what WE teach them.” :eek:

Exactly. My heresy against Trudeau’s multiculturalism dogma—which is infallible— is a direct affront to my Canadian identity.

It is akin to treason, even blasphemy.

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