queen of heaven?


i’ve been doing a little research on catholicism and i’ve seen a few references to mary being the queen of heaven. i was wondering if someone could tell me where this belief comes from. i was also wondering about the belief that jesus dies at every mass. i thought he only needed to die once for our sins. why is this? thanks


Revelation 12:1


It’s not that Jesus dies over again at every Mass - it’s that we make ourselves present again at that once-and-only death on Calvary at each Mass (a little like seeing a movie over and over - it was only filmed once but can be replayed whenever we like)


i just read the revelations reference and i guess i could see where someone could see that it’s mary. my study bible (non catholic) says the woman may be “the believing messianic community”. your thoughts?


Mary must be a queen because Jesus is a king. The mother of a reigning king is always the queen mother.


Verses can have more then one meaning. Revelations can be both a reference to Mary and to the Christian community.



Listening to these talks might help you out.

Hail Holy Queen with Scott Hahn with Mike Aquilina (click here)

And The Lamb’s Supper: The Mass and the Apocalypse with Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina (click here)

You do not have to download these… there is the LISTEN NOW option.


Yep…I have heard from Catholic speakers that the women in Rev 12 is Mary and the Church.


Glory to Jesus Christ.

I was going to direct you to a particular website but it appears they’re redoing the site and the articles aren’t available. Anyway, here’s a great article from EWTN on Mary, Queen of heaven. You may also find this thread helpful.

Here is an article on the Sacrifice of the Mass and here’s a Q&A on the same topic. Hopefully these can address your questions.

God bless you.


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