Queen shakes hands with Martin McGuinness-discuss

The photos of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, (commander in chief of the UK Armed Forces, even if the post is just titular-a point often overlooked by Irish Republicans /nationalists) shaking hands with NI Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness(and one time leader of the Derry “Provos” during the Troubles)last week during the Monarch’s visit to the province has caused much comment in the press on both sides of the Irish Sea, but I take the view that if “Paris is worth a Mass”(to quote Henry IV when he converted to Catholicism to gain the French throne), then lasting peace in Ireland and between Britain and Ireland can certainly justify shaking the hand of someone whose organization was responsible for the murder of “Uncle Dickie”(Lord Louis Mountbatten) back in 1979

( McGuinness will undoubtedly riposte that the “Crown forces” had contributed to the body count of the Troubles(most notoriously in “Bloody Sunday” of January 1972, when soldiers of the 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment shot dead 13 Catholics in his native city of Derry- Prince Charles is of course Colonel in Chief of the Paras- in circumstances condemned by the city’s coroner and ultimately by Lord Saville in his 2008 report-but “whataboutery” as Bishop and then Cardinal Cathal Daly aptly reminded us is “the most common form of moral evasion”(practised not just but security forces but paramilitaries Green and Orange as well).


As a committed Irish republican I could not in good conscience have done this as I view the British Queen as the head of state of a nation illegally occupying a large section of my country.

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