Quenstion on prayers for the interntions of the Pope

I’ve read that one of the “usual conditions” for receiving a plenary indulgence is to pray 6 Our Fathers, 6 Hail Marys and 6 Glory Bes “for the intentions of the Holy Father.”

My question is: what does this mean?

How do we pray these prayers for someone else, they all seem to refer to “us”; do I have to change the word “us” to “Pope Benedict” or just think of him in my prayers or what?

It’s confused me. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused::confused:

Where did you read this?

On the page on gaining indulgences on the website “Fish Eaters”. Near the bottom.

The indulgences aren’t really part of the question though, I was just asking how to use those prayers to pray for someone else.
(probably a silly question)

I would either repeat them as they were said, or you could say, something to the effect of “Heavenly Father, please hear the petition of Pope Benedict when he asked XYZ…etc…”

There’s probably no definitively right or wrong way!

That gives me an idea, I could say something like “Heavenly Father, please hear these prayers on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI” and then say the prayers. Thanks.

Other than that, I’m a bit confused about how I could use those prayers to pray for someone else.

I believe the requirement is met if you pray ONE Our Father, ONE Hail Mary, and ONE Glory be for the intentions of the Holy Father. You may say it like this, “Father, I offer these prayers for the “intentions” of the Holy Father Pope Benedict.”

Whenever we pray for another’s intention, God applies the prayer as He alone knows the intentions of their heart, and as Pope, I would imagine he has many concerns that he addresses to God.

Aha. So God takes the prayer as if the other person had prayed it and applies it to problems and intentions and stuff relevant to that person.
I think I’m begining to understand this intentions stuff.

Yes, but six is more traditional and pious. I’ll probably do six sometimes, but one most of the time.:wink:

It is totally sufficient just to pray, “I pray for the Pope’s intentions”.

That said, the Vatican does actually publish different official papal intentions every month. (Yeah, they’re a little TOO organized, over there in the Curia!) One is in general, and one is for the missions.

Every so often, EWTN will run a promo spot for the Pope’s intentions for the month, and some Catholic news sites run the monthly press release. So if you’re really worried about it, you can look 'em up! But honestly, there’s no need. People have been praying for the Pope’s intentions since a long time before anybody got bright ideas about official lists.


I think they must get bored.

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