Querida Amazonia, post-synod exhortation, is out (and nothing happened)

Yeah. I was thinking even more generally about the process. My first reaction was a happy “phew!” Then I realized how “yay we dodged a bullet, now we can all move on” being the end value of this synod and the Pope’s exhortation made the whole thing rather pointless. I just don’t even see it having any impact–positive or negative–in the Amazon region.

I’d be annoyed if I was a member of the synod who devoted a lot of time and energy in it. They made real proposals–for better or worse–that they thought might help their region and submitted them to the Pope. And rather than telling them which ones were acceptable and which were not, he basically just said “cool proposals, but I’m not even going to reference those; here are some generally related themes to reflect on too.”

At the end of the day, the point of it all seems unclear at best other than to unnecessarily stir the pot for a few months.

There is the possibility that the Pope actually wanted to make a statement about oppression and the environment, and somehow the push for the married priests and female deacons became the big issue instead. I’m aware of other countries where the residents of an island or something had to oppose development that would have threatened their way of life and they did get their churches, Catholic and Evangelical if I remember right, involved.

They must be annoyed at the money they’ve lost due to the fact that they can’t report hysterically on the Amazon exhortation.

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