Ques. about daily Rosary recitation


I’ve been praying daily the Rosary in its entirety (all sets of mysteries) for a while now, but I’m not sure about one thing…

If you pray different sets of mysteries throughout the day, do you traditionally recite the opening and closing prayers (Creed etc., Hail Holy Queen) each new set of mysteries? Or is it traditional to say the opening prayers with the first mysteries in the morning, and wait until the evening – after the last set has been recited – to say the closing?

That second way makes sense, but I wanted to ask around, because I don’t want to be willfully skipping out on anything :slight_smile: unless that’s how it’s traditionally done.

I’ve read St. Louis de Monfort’s “Secret of the Rosary”; amazing book, but it didn’t happen to mention this little detail.



I haven’t prayed more than one mystery per day in a long while, but in the past, if I intended to pray more than one mystery in a single day then I would always hold off on the closing until after I knew I was definitely finished. I read this or heard this proper somewhere, but I can’t recall where.


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