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I don’t know where this goes.

I just watched “A Haunting,” which is a silly but sometimes really :eek: scary show. :smiley:

The episode was about a house that had a demonic possession. An “ordained clergyman” performed an exorcism and rid the house of the demon.

He said that once the demon’s true name is known the demon has no choice but to return to its source. I gotta say, that sounds a little bit fairy tale/fantasy. In the show, the “ordained clergyman” spoke the demons true name and the demon left the house.

Is there any truth to this? Rather, is this the rubric used by Catholic exorcists?


Ascertaining the demon’s name can be part of an exorcism, however, the demon is not forced or obligated to leave when the exorcist uses it.



Knowing the demons name can be effective in banishing them, or at least help in banishing them.

There are a lot of other things necessary too though sometimes,
Sometimes holy water and deliverance prayer is enough, sometimes the person needs to confess and renounce sin, sometimes a full exorcism rite is necessary, it can vary, sometimes the prayer needed might mean weekly meetings with an exorcist

Jesus showed us this in the bible toward the possessed man who lived in the tombs,
“What is your name?”
“Legion, because we are many.”
And Jesus commanded them to go into a herd of pigs.

Catholic exorcists use this technique
Read Fr Gabriel Amorthe’s book on amazon.com “Interview with an Exorcist” (kindle app can be downloaded for free, and the ebook can be read on your phone, tablet, or computer)
Fr Amorthe is the retired head exorcist appointed by the Vatican, and Founder and Lifetime President of the International Association of Exorcists, he is a big supporter of Pope John Paul II,

Also read “The Rite” (for download from kindle on amazon.com) about a US parish priests experience of being trained in Exorcism in Rome, and being apprenticed to one of the lead exorcists in Rome for a while.

Catholic deliverance people have found the same thing
“The Miracle Ship” by brian o’ hare (for ebook download on amazon.com)
And Stella Davis book “Spiritual Warefare” (for ebook download on amazon.com)

Even regarding ordinary people
“unbound” by neal lozano (ebook from amazon.com)
And st ignatius loyola “The Jesuits Guide to almost everything” (ebook from amazon.com)

These books also mention, when trying to overcome your own vices, its a very strong technique to name them, and renounce them in Jesus Name. Be it just renouncing a bad habit of laziness, negativity, etc…


Personally I wouldnt watch horrors

Too much focus on evil

God should be our focus


Those shows scare the heck out of me, I cant watch them.


Fr. Amorth, chief exorcist of Rome, says his favorite movie is The Exorcist. Kind of amusing.


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