Quesiton about offering up sufferings for souls

Can you offer up your emotional suffering for souls? Your anger?

At times I see someone else receive a blessing in their lives and at times it is like a knife in my own heart as it reminds me of my own personal losses in life and I feel pangs of grief, even anger, or envy about the unfairness of life.

It’s not like I try to entertain these feelings, but I am left wondering what to do about these feelings and whether or not I can offer them up for souls. I guess then I’d know that what I was going through would have a purpose.

What to do, and can it be done?

I offer up my emotional suffering.
Many saints have offered up mental suffering.

Offer up the struggle you endure when resisting anger, not the anger itself if you know what I mean.

You can offer up sadness, humiliations, mental hurt and anxieties etc… but offer it up with love. Suffering for God without love is useless, so I’ve heard.
(You don’t have to love the suffering, but love for God in order to offer it to him to save souls is what I mean).

Thank you! This was very helpful! In particular, the bolded part, you answered exactly what I was unsure of by differentiating between the anger and the struggle with anger.

Yup. These may seem like little things but they go far in the eyes of God.

I remember reading about St Therese how once when she was trying to pray quietly another nun kept clanging rosary beads in her pocket, St Therese wrote that the sound frustrated her so much but she resisted the urge to glare at the Sister and instead kept her eyes shut, which caused Therese to sweat from the forehead because she was so frustrated! But the point was she overcame that little frustration and it was one of those little things she offered to God in her everyday life. Those little things made her a Saint!

We can offer all of our sufferings, physical and emotional, to God for the benefit of our own souls as well as others. When we suffer we are becoming more like Christ. This is how we can unite ourselves with His sufferings, all of which were for the salvation of souls.

I always say to Jesus “I’m feeling this way (angry, frustrated, trapped, walked on…) and I don’t know what to do with these feelings. Please take them from me as an offering for sinners, for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and because I love you, Jesus. It’s not the way I WANT to feel. Thank you, Jesus…”

I was told by my Spiritual Director to pray to Jesus saying something like that when I had negative thoughts - it helps!

Sometimes I think these emotional sufferings are like sharing in Christ’s Crown of Thorns. I liken His head wounds to our head/mind/emotions suffering. I think you can accept these sufferings and offer them up, and especially ask God to help those who are suffering in the same way.

What exactly does it mean, to “offer it up?”
Is it like trading our suffering for the benefit of someone else?


Whenever you resist a temptation to get angry, envious, etc., by all means, offer it up! Such sacrifice is very pleasing to God. God bless you.

It’s called redemptive suffering.

Here’s an article about it:

And it’s mentioned in this link about Suffering by St Pope John Paul II:

I think there are some good answers here already, but I’ll go ahead and post St. JPII’s Apostolic Letter, SALVIFICI DOLORIS.

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