Quest. about sin and confession

ok a husband has a vasectomy, or wife is on the pill and or tubal ligation but the couple is faithful to eachother,

now, does he need to just confess after he has it, or every time before he’d receive communion?

also if he and his wife have sex, do they both need to confess it every time?

if that is the case they may as well leave the Church , because they would just be confessing something they know they are not going to quit.

Thank you.

In the case of perminant sterility (tubal ligation or vastectomy), these need only be sincerly confessed and repented for once for absolution. There may be a request that they consider a reversal proceedure. In the case of an on-going use of birth-control pills or other non-perminant means of birth control, then one must be trying to stop the use, and sincerly being sorry for having used it in the past.

Thank you.

We should never ever suggest that a person should walk away from the Church. We should do all we can to keep them in the Church. We are all sinners.

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