Question about 2 different articles



I’m just wondering, as I somehow found these two articles:

(both are online books of this author named “Mary K Baxter”…)

what I’m wondering is…are these approved by the Catholic church to believe in the content in these books…as I can’t tell if it is or not…

Thanks in advance~


To determine whether a book is approved by the Church, look on the inside cover to see if it has either the "nihil obstat’ or the “imprimatur”. What these do is give the assurance that its contents will not lead one into error about the faith. These are not given to secular books. I would suspect that is where these books fall.
Deacon Ed B


hi decon Ed B yes what you stated is correct…just going by what i have read about in some posts regarding the practices in some catholic churches one may have to question the suitablity of the person granting the imprimutre


These books are by a non-Catholic and contain a strong Protestant bent. They are not, of course, approved by the Church in any way and would not be recommended by or for orthodox Catholics that are knowledgable about the Faith.


ok thanks >.> just needed to know, cause I found it randomly and saw it and read it…[Though interestingly the one about hell made me more aware of the sins and trying to remember them for confession and stuff…so I guess that’s a good thing about it… I guess >.>]


Yes, it is – especially during this penitential season of Lent.

I would recommend this book instead:

or at least this article:


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