Question about a certain website

I have a question about a well known website:

But first, let me just say that this is my first post and if I didn’t put it in the right section, I apologize.

Okay, so I used to use amazon to downlaod music until I heard that during Halloween of last year, according to the Catholic League website, amazon was selling inappropriate and offensive costumes of priests and nuns. :mad: So naturally, I kept far away from the website. Now, I’m not sure if the site still sells those costumes and I’m getting the urge to download more songs I want. However, would shopping there be considered indirect support of Catholic bashing regardless of my intentions? Do any of you use the website now?

I realize I could shop somewhere else, but amazon seems to have the best selection for what I want. However, if I have to ditch amazon, it’s not the end of the world. I just don’t want to download songs and then feel guilty later on. Any advice, comments, etc. would be appreciated.:smiley:

Buying from Amazon does not directly participate in their selling offensive items, so it is fine to shop there. If we were forbidden to shop where immoral and offensive things were sold, we wouldn’t be able to shop at pharmacies, department stores, bookstores of almost any kind… The technical term for what one does by patronizing establishments that also sell offensive things is “remote cooperation in evil.” As long as you don’t choose Amazon because they sell some bad things, it’s fine to shop there.

I make a special point of buying religious books from Amazon, in order to increase the percentage of sales in that area and tell them it is profitable to continue selling them.


Ok, thank you very much for easing my mind. I certainly don’t have any intention of supporting the bad things, I just want good music. And I think it’s a good thing that you’re buying religious books and encouraging amazon to keep selling them. :thumbsup:

One of the local drugstores has a large display of contraceptives that greet one at the entrance. I find that offensive and go elsewhere whenever possible. However, if I refuse to deal with any drugstore that sells contraceptives I won’t be able to buy medications.

Occasionally I need a prescription filled immediately. The offensive store is the only one that can do that quickly for some things. Rather than do without the drug I say an Our Father …deliver us from evil] and buy from them.

One has to adapt to reality.

One; why should you be offended, or should you be offended at all? Are you saying the world does not have the right to express what ever it pleases? If you have the right to express what ever you please, then why don’t they, in your taking of offence in what they have to say about you or what you may have respect for? Nobody made you take offence, except you, in your own judgement of the world. If you are made angry, or offended, forgive it and thank the Lord for it. Or it will continue to fester you enough to post a question about it.

Consider He who is the perfect fulfillment in Righteousness, what could He take offence of in you? And then consider how much He forgives you to be with you. Could that be 70 * 7 a day. And note, nobody can force Him to take offence of you. It is His Grace to not take offence of you, it might be wise to learn the same since it is to be like unto Him is the Will of the Father.

If you continue to hold the sins of the world before you, then would the Lord do the same in your case considering He taught us to pray, "Forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” hence you have already agreed to be forgiven as you forgive.

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