Question about a Funeral Mass

Can a non-catholic do one of the readings at a funeral mass?
A friend has asked a non-catholic friend to do one of the readings at a funeral mass. I have looked at the Order of Christian Funerals and it doesn’t seem to address this. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

It’s addressed in the Directory on Ecumenism. Usually it requires the bishop’s permission but based on what I’ve experienced in my own and other parishes I suspect some bishops delegate that authority to the pastors. It’s done routinely in my parish where a great number of families are in mixed-marriages.

I don’t know the rule; however, I wouldn’t recommend it. When my mom passed away a born-again relative who was selected by my brother refused to bow to the alter when approaching. She did not say she had a problem with it before the mass. It was terrible. She retorted later that it wasn’t “her” God. At least make sure they understand the traditions and the reverence expected if you do wish to use somebody who is not Catholic.

Sorry to hear of your loss.

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