Question about a modern day schism

A couple of weeks ago my pastor read a letter from our diocesan bishop in reference to a previous and now dismissed associate pastor. The letter made reference to the fact this former priest is now involved in the “national catholic church of america” and not allowed to receive Holy Communion in the church of Rome. I am assuming this former priest has excommunicated himself. Does anyone out there know anything about this offshoot. I am assuming it is one of those ultra liberal churches where priests are allowed to marry. Anyone know for sure? Ultimately, this may not be the most important question but the schism itself is a fairly big deal because I happen to live in a relatively conservative and very much rural diocese and have always thought this type of thing would most likely occur in a larger more liberal metropolitan area.

As far as I know this is an Old Catholic group founded by Episcopalian traditionalists.

When abandonong the Protestant Episcopal church they sought to consecrate of bishop for themselves from vagante lines rather than pursue acceptance in the Roman Catholic or Orthodox churches. Probably there is some impediment in their teaching or practice that would not be continued as Roman Catholics or Orthodox.

I think that the Holy Spirit may have been calling them, and they did not quite understand.

There are many of these churches; e.g. Polish National Catholic Church, Mexican National Catholic Church, etc. Each has their own history but from what I know they are independant of each other.

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