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Hi there. This is my first post on here and I’m excited to get started. My question concerns a video game I’ve been playing recently called BitLife. It’s a game where you simulate someone’s life. One of the choices you have to make is your character’s sexuality. It does this by suggesting which feelings your character has but allowing you to choose for yourself. During my most recent game, I received a message stating that my character was having bisexual urges. Because of this, I chose to make him bisexual. It then occurred to me that perhaps I shouldn’t have done this as bisexuality and homosexuality are forbidden by the Church. In addition to this, the game has other sexual themes present. Does making my character bisexual qualify as a sin? Should I cease to play this game since it has these themes in it?

It doesn’t sound like this game has much redeeming value and is probably a waste of your time. And a game that is suggesting that your character be “bisexual” sounds like a game with an agenda to me, one you probably shouldn’t support with your patronage.

I would suggest at a minimum you shouldn’t give your characters traits that conflict with your beliefs.

As to whether you should be playing it— that’s a prudential decision. If you are a minor you should discuss it with your parents and/or priest. They know you and can help you form your conscience. They also know if you are susceptible to messaging from media and if this game might be harming your spirituality.


Psalm 101:3 says “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me”. If this game is causing you to believe that homosexuality is OK, I would say that you should stop playing it immediately. One could say “Well, if it’s in a game, it must be normal”, but it is not normal-- it is a corruption of human sexuality. I would say that if this game is not causing you to compromise with homosexuality, keep on playing it. This is just my opinion, though. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if it qualifies as sin but I’d say yes. Video games do impact your thoughts and you shouldn’t let them influence you. It is easy to fall into sin as it in today’s world, why make your life harder? Even if playing such a game or having such a game in your library isn’t a mortal sin, why take the risk? What is worth the soul? Not the whole world, says the Bible

This seals it. Please stop playing this game. I will not judge you because one may play a game for X number of reasons but why play a game with such themes? The Church has a very high opinion of sex. It is reserved for matrimony and for the precious gift of life.

What agenda? There’s that word again.

What? That’s a sweeping statement.

There are studies to prove that.

I am not saying all video games are bad. But they can be addictive and they can impact your brain in subtle ways. That’s not a sweeping statement.

That was debunked a while ago mostly because a majority of tests were self confirming.

Example giving children a game with swords. Then putting them in a playroom after to see how they play and what toys they played with, usually the plastic sword.

Ignoring the point when put into a strange playroom the child will look for something familiar.
Ignoring that while video games will give an emotional high or hyper response (depending on content). Not letting the child calm down after or relax is just going to lead to playing more of the same.

Doctor Patrick Markey has debunked your point many times.

OK I guess there are studies both ways, that’s not the point.

As Catholics, we’re supposed to be guardians of our souls not flirt with sin.

And playing a video game with overt sexual themes, including promotion of unnatural sexuality as defined by Church teaching, is flirting with sin.

If you’re not catholic, whatever. If you are, you shouldn’t be playing such as games. As simple as that.

Why would you do that? That is not good entertainment. It doesn’t help your relationship with God or others. And that choice ensures you will be exposed to sexually sinful things in the game.

Just stop playing it.

Are we forgetting the massive amount rape, violence, theft and just general skulldregery in the Bible?

Granted the Bible makes for dry reading but many biblical stories have been fleshed out for entertainment.

Video games like any media help us ask the questions of ourselves history can’t.

Mainly what would you do and what do you think of the consequences.

As for this there will always be “studies” both ways. Don’t just buy into them and don’t cop out because there are.

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