Question About Abbreviations

Hello, all. I am new to this forum. I was raised Roman Catholic and went to a Parochial school, and I may have once known the terms you all mention so easily, but if I did, I don’t remember them now. Can some one PLEASE tell me what these abbreviations stand for, and perhaps explain some of the terms used here for the Mass, and the sacraments, etc.? And if that’s too much of a chore, is there a link or a website where I can learn all this? I have been “coming back” to the Church only since January of this year, and I appreciate this forum because I learn so much. I am eager to do what I can to further my renewed journey in our faith. :slight_smile:

Please read Orwell 1984, and you will understand that the New English is

  • either the sign of the common loose of the intellectual power (people do not know or don’t bother themselves how to spell words)

  • and a conscientious attempt to take of the ‘taste’ of the words, the emotions behind the word so people can be easier convinced by the agents, and attach emotions to the new abbreviations.

Most abbreviations came into usage in the last 20 or so years.

Here are some:

TLM uncertain weather Traditional Latin Mass or Tridentine Latin Mass

EMHC = Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion

COTH = Communion on the Hand

COTT = Communion on the Tongue

LOTH = Liturgy of the Hours

JPII = Blessed John Paul II

VII = XXI Ecumenical council aka Vatican II

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