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I was thinking about abortion yesterday, and a hypothetical situation popped into my head. Let’s say there was a mature girl who was 13-14 years old, unusually paranoid about becoming pregnant at such a young age - so much so that she worries her various male relatives would rape her. One month, nearly beginning into the next, she realizes that she couldn’t remember whether she had had menstruation, and begins to worry she might be pregnant. Frustrated and scared, she attempts to hurt herself and hopefully kill the child. Assuming there was no child, but she was honestly scared there was, would the attempted "abortion"be a sin?
Let’s also say that she doesn’t know abortion is a cause for automatic excommunication. If there was a child and she successfully killed it, although unknowingly, when she became 16, would she be automatically excommunicated?
I assume the answer to my first question would be yes, since she intended to kill something, even though there was nothing there. However, I’m wondering about it since if I’m imagining fighting someone and try to kill them, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a sin if I was actually fighting nothing and swinging my arms around and stuff. I also assume the answer to my second question would be no, since she didn’t know the full consequences of her actions. Let’s also say she knows that abortion is wrong in the eyes of the Church (and she would be Catholic), but doesn’t know it’s a mortal sin (though it would make sense to her if it was). What do you guys think? Keep in mind that in this situation, there was no child.

These hypothetical, elaborate, crazy scenarios are pointless. NO ONE on this board can say “that is a sin”. What we can say is whether or not something is grave matter. Abortion and self-harm are grave matter. Full knowledge and consent are things we cannot speculate on, because this is a hypothetical girl, with a hypothetical phobia, an hypothetical mental problems.


This is your third question about abortion. I don’t see the point in these hypotheticals. we cannot answer them.

What is your **real **issue?

(oh, wait… edited to say I had you confused with someone else but nevertheless what are you really trying to drive at?)


It’s a hypothetical question. I’m not trying to “drive” at anything. I was just wondering if there was a near-definitive answer, not trying to get into anything. Look, I’m sorry. It was just something I was thinking about overnight and I was wondering what others thought about it.

Can a person be guilty of the sin of abortion if they do not have a child to abort? Sure. If my gynecologist lies and tells me I’m pregnant and I schedule an abortion and show up to receive the procedure, I have intended to procure an abortion. The same could be said for anyone trying to assist in the procedure. If a man drives his girlfriend to an abortion clinic because she tells him she’s pregnant, he is an accomplice in the sin of abortion, even if there never was a child.

In your hypothetical example, it’s confusing to me how she would think she was pregnant though. One might have an irrational (or rational) fear of rape, but it’s difficult to imagine a person who worried they might become pregnant if they’ve never been raped or had sex.

But as to the question of automatic excommunication; one must know that excommunication is the consequence of certain sins and be old enough to choose to do them anyway. In your example, the child would not be excommunicated, either now or in the future (unless she attempted to procure another abortion).

I think they’re interesting and thought-provoking. I think they can lead us to greater clarity about complicated moral situations. :shrug: To each his own.

Hello, Hello , I dont agree with abortion but, but, but,,,,,,, if the child is gonna have no food or drink when born, its a little bit awkward too suggest otherwise, , yes, yes

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Okay, in the light that you are sincere…I refer you to the great comedian (and catholic) George Carlin on mortal sins…

If you wake up and think, hey, I’m gonna go downtown and commit a mortal sin today!!
Save the cab fare, you’ve already done it!

So thinking you need an abortion, even if you don’t is enough. Of course George never addressed what happens when you come to your senses and don’t do it…

WOW! This is really out there. She didn’t know she was pregnant? She didn’t know she was raped? What would she have aborted? How did she get the abortion at that age? You can’t abort if you aren’t pregnant.:confused:

The reason that many would suggest from the catholic understanding of away against abortion is surely too, set a presadent of caution and seriousness of the act of being close with someone… Not everyone, especially in this pretentious time can or do understand the decision of what integrity is / the lame also …

: )

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